Another BOTM?… Possibly!!

Machine Quilting Tutorials with JeanneThis one is not necessarily a Block of the Month type project, but more of a technique of the month type project. However, it is limited in that the workbook tutorial files are located for download in Jeanne’s Facebook group. To my knowledge, Jeanne doesn’t have a blog or website where she can offer these other than on Facebook. To me tho, if you’re not on Facebook, you are truly missing out on all the great goings-on that happen with it. So many great groups and so much inspiration. I guess some would say the same about Instagram I am not on Instagram tho and from the little I see of it, it’s very much like Flickr is. I know not quite the same, but popular still the same. Instagram is actually owned by Facebook. My gripe with Instagram is they limit it to mobile users. Me, I use a desktop pc, so I can’t use Instagram and I do not own a cell phone.

Anyway, if you’re familiar with Jeanne, you already know she is teaching an in-depth tutorial each month on various FMQ techniques. The twist tho is that it’s a Whole Cloth Row by Row FMQ project. The patterns are absolutely stunning. She also creates a video on her Youtube channel for each of the lessons that you can watch to learn the techniques then try them for yourself, but if you want the patterns also, this is where you need to be in her Facebook group.

While Jeanne’s lessons are completely free, April’s lesson which is the 3rd row in this technique of the month is ruler work. There are discounts to be had on the rulers and additional lessons available thru Accents In Design.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn FMQ, this is a great opportunity, the group itself has over 21,000 members, many so willing to help, and beautiful projects shown every day of there work. I strongly recommend joining Jeanne’s group and taking the plunge.

Because this is an “of the month” type project, I’ve listed it on my 2019 BOTM page also.

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6 thoughts on “Another BOTM?… Possibly!!

  1. Jeanne has to be one of the best FMQ teachers out there! She truly inspires confidence and her students really do learn!! Thanks for sharing her amazing contributions to the quilting world here.

    Side note – I access Instagram from my home PC without any issues. I haven’t tried to post anything from the pc – because I haven’t posted anything from anywhere to Instagram lol I just follow everybody 😉

  2. I don’t know about all of you – but I am on Facebook most evenings, reading all the postings to all the sewing and pattern sites I am a member of. I think I have saved so many posts I could never find them. I really need less time on my computer and more time in my sewing room!!!

  3. Marian thank you for recommending Jeanne’s FB group and YouTube channel. I do FMQ my quilts and have been looking for lessons to take me to the next level. You are a life saver for finding all these wonderful sites.

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