Are You Doing A Block Of The Month In 2016?

stbs-SSATW-BomBy now you know I am doing a Block of the Month, something I’ve done since 2014 on my blog and always plan to do. I love Block Of The Months. I don’t normally follow pieced block like samplers, for instance, but I love something that captures my eye, something that I say to myself, I would make that. If I believe I’d make it, then I’m an avid follow of that Block Of The Month. 

Don’t get me wrong here, I love them, but I won’t pay for them. I can see where quilt shops offer Block Of The Months for classes and such, it’s just the nature of a quilt shop to do so. I think differently tho when it comes to a blog. For me, doing a block of the month keeps me thinking creatively and helps me generate interest to my blog. While I offer my blocks for free for a limited time, I do still keep it free until the next release of a block. This gives everyone time to download it that’s following, and for those who wish to catch up later, they can pay a small price in order to do so.

I like helping to promote other blogs that are doing a block of the month. Most of the time, other blogs may not even realize that their are links to their sites on my site, but I do promote other blogs in two places on every single page of my blog. One is in the right hand column, the other is in the bottom footer of my page. These are rotating logos of various sites doing block of the months. In 2014, I had an entire page also dedicated to block of the months, and I intend to do the same in 2016. I didn’t have the time in 2015 to create one, but I’ll be more diligent this year.

So, with that said, if you have a block of the month, that is free at least until the release of the next block .. for instance as an example, you release your first block Jan 1, with the next one due Feb 1, the January block remains free until February’s block goes up on your site. I will gladly add a logo to your block of the month on my site. I don’t always catch them all, but there are sites who seem to do them every year, and I’ve grown to know some of these sites quite well.

So far this year, these are the 2016 block of the months I currently know about.

** = these have already started in 2015 and will extend into 2016.

*** = Free the first day of each month only.

**** = Must register For Forum, answer to question is sewing machine, but you have to use the German translation of:  Nähmaschine   (copy and paste it into the window).

***** = Must join a yahoo group or a newsletter to download.

*x* = 3rd and 4th Monday each month, download file available one week only.

I think the Pattern Writing series will be interesting to see. I’ve added it because it is a series, that I think anyone who writes a pattern in the future may want to keep as a archive of ideas of what to do and what not to do, but I still believe also that when you make a pattern, you should write them the way you like your own patterns to be. I’m still amazed at the amount of applique patterns that I purchase that have no separated shapes. I like the templates shapes, so my patterns will always use template shapes.

Quilt Art, Morning Glory Designs, and Angie Padilla, are also sure to have 2016 Block of the Months, but no logos yet have arrived on their site, or pictures I could grab to show off, although every year that I have followed Block Of The Months, those three sites have also had Block Of The Months.

Fat Cat Patterns still has the Gnome BOTM going on, which should go until March 2016 and end at the end of the month, Sindy will be starting the other two BOTMs pictured above in January 2016.

Please keep in mind, you can also follow Quilt Block Of The Month, my friend Susan’s site, she keeps us all aprised of the happenings around the web with block of the months, and Quilt Alongs also. I check her site often. Her logo is always on my right side menus also, lower in the page, but it is always their, I won’t ever remove it. Susan also lets you know the ins and outs of these events, where I just link to them, and that’s what makes Susan’s Quilt Block Of The Month blog more valuable, because it is always helpful to know some of the little intricacies that these events can entail.

If your hosting a “free” block of the month on your blog… send me your logo, your url, and I will add your logo and link to my blog also to help advertise for you. I don’t ask you to do the same for me, I personally follow blocks of the months, so I do this really selfishly for me.. 🙂 but it helps for those who visit me also so they know what’s happening around the web also.

My contact page allows for you to upload images to me, they are sent to my email and are not stored on my server until I place them here for a post.

Would you like to see some more previews of my upcoming Sue and Sam Travel The World Block Of The Month?

Here ya go… 

Thanks to those of you who’ve mentioned how much your looking forward to this block of the month. I know I am.. it’s gonna be a blast.

Wait till you see the clipart that Clipartopolis created for Seams To Be Sew, the above is just a small sampling. The artwork is exclusive to Marian Pena of Seams To Be Sew, so your not going to find these anywhere else.

Marry Christmas From Seams To Be Sew

It’s time to signup for the first Blog Hop in 2016.. All Nuts are Welcome.

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25 thoughts on “Are You Doing A Block Of The Month In 2016?

  1. I just discovered your incredible list … because I noticed people were clicking from here to my Block Lotto sampler page. BOMs really are trending, aren’t they?

  2. The designs are adorable. I especially like Antarctica Sam. Can’t wait to begin. Got the first pattern downloaded and hope to start piecing tonight.

  3. Thanks for the plug. Just noticed quite a bit of traffic from your blog, its a shame that it’s nearly finished but patterns can be purchased once they expire for free so hopefully some people get on board and join me for the next one. Thanks again for the promotion.

  4. Thanks so much for posting a link to my Column-along quilt for 2016. I noticed the traffic from my blog and thought I’d come see where it was coming from.

  5. You can look at my blog Quilt BOM which posts free ones and QALs and SALs that I find all year long. The ones posted in December are all new 2016 ones because I’ve already posted about continuing ones when they began. I also rarely post anything that has any cost, though there is occasionally one which charges for the first block, or the blocks are only free for a limited time. Those are tagged paid BOM in my tag list. I will be adding a post about yours!

    1. I have your link in the post Susan, cause I frequent your site often… and I want to let other people know that you make that site just for that purpose, which is different to me, I just post once in awhile when I read about a new one or one I think people might not know about. I know you posted some of the ones I had also, but I think that’s ok, I have had a botm list on my site since 2014, just because I myself follow so many botm and qals each month and it’s handy to have that list since my bookmarks are all screwed up because of xmarks resynchronizing them into my list all the time, I have so many duplicates now I don’t even want to bother cleaning up my bookmarks. 🙂 Hugs!!!

      1. I got interrupted in reading the whole post and just now read it, looking for your start date, so I found the link. =) In the past, I kept tabs that divided the BOMs by type, but it was getting to be so much work, this year I just put up the posts, and won’t be deleting them all at the end of the year as I did in years past. I understand about messing up bookmarks! Every once in a while I have to change computers, and then I start over. LOL

  6. Thanks for collecting all this information! It’s hard to keep track of things! Your BOM is just adorable. I don’t do applique, but some of the blocks make me want to start 🙂

    1. well…. I know.. applique is like paper piecing, you either like it, or you hate it.. their is really no in between.. Although, while I hate to admit it, Fusible applique has become very popular in the last ten or so years and I think if it weren’t for that, applique might not be so popular. I think that machine embroideries popularity has also drawn people to applique more also.

  7. This is fantastic! Thank you for posting all of these 2016 Block of the Months! have been looking for new projects for next year and I love being a part of quilt-a-longs! I love to find new bloggers and try new things! This is very exciting! 🙂

    1. I’m so glad you found this helpful Nancy, I love finding new blogs to, but my list for today mainly came from blogs who also did 2015 BOTMs, they just have images or logos up already for their BOTMs.. but I know other sites I followed will most likely do BOTMs also, so I’ll add to this list as I find out more sites. 🙂

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