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2018 Around The WebHappy New Year!! Each year on my blog I feature a list of the block of the months, Quilt Alongs, Sew Alongs, and other various events that happen on other sites each year. I love the block of the months myself and this list helps me to keep track, and I’ve heard from you that it also helps you keep track.

This is the one page on my blog that I do actually update often during the year. It will get updated a lot over the course of this month as new sites are found that are offering a block of the months.

To get featured on my list, your block of the month must have a free aspect to it. It does not have to be completely free, but I don’t want to have to buy something in order to create it either. So if I have to buy a book, or a pattern to follow along it will not be listed on this list. Because I receive a huge amount of email, I am not a huge fan of newsletters either, but several of my favorite bloggers use newsletters to list their block of the months, so it’s worth it if you like that quilt to join that newsletter.

I prefer personally if you have a pdf download of your pattern, for me, I’m cool if it’s free for a period of time such as two weeks or a month or so, enough time for me to drop by and download it, check out the post, etc, I definitely appreciate tips and tricks in the post for making the block, but they should also be in the pdf. As a blogger, and pattern designer, one has to remember that a block or pattern you offered a year ago with a matching post will be more difficult to find down the road if the pdf doesn’t refer to the post page, so either adding those tips and tricks to the pdf or adding the page url to the pdf is beneficial, especially if you later offer the pattern for people to purchase. Because a blog or website can eventually go away, having it be part of the pattern is a preference. I may not make your quilt right now, but I may eventually make it and having all the info I need will let me buy your patterns easier because I know you’ve given me the best info possible for me to create this pattern.

This is the list of bloggers thus far for 2019. You will always find this post under the Events / Block of The Months menu line. When I update this post, I create a separate post and announce the new listing separately, along with a link to this post. Would you like to be featured? Contact me here.

Blog Hop and other smaller events are always listed on my sidebar and here.

The changes at Craftsy have put all of us behind, while some of these BOTMs have already started, others will not be starting until next week or even until February. I create this list for myself and for you, but it is up to you to check out the guidelines for each of the events at these blogs. To my knowledge, they are all free, but should you find one that isn’t, please take the time to let me know, I will remove it from this list.

Happy New Year

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I am an affiliate of the above companies when you click one of these links and purchase something, I earn a little bit of a commission with it. I use this money to help maintain my website and offer my free patterns to you. Every little bit helps, thank you so much for clicking and for your support. I don’t just offer up these brands to you I actually use their products and shop at these places. I would never partner with someone whose products I didn’t use.

Please remember it takes 2 minutes to comment, please say Thank You, whether you downloaded a free pattern, read a tutorial, or just learned something new.  It takes time for people to write a post, take pictures, make a project or even write a pattern.
Let them know you appreciate it.

If your comment doesn’t show up after you post it, it’s most likely gone to the spam folder. I will see it and approve it, unfortunately, it just means something about your email address caught my spam filter’s eye.

34 thoughts on “Around The Web 2019 – My Yearly BOTM List…

  1. Will you be doing a list for 2020, too? If so, do you know when it will be up & available? Thanks in advance!

  2. Thank you so much for gathering these all in one place! I was already planning on starting the gnome one, but now I think i might have to do the tuxedo cat 🐱 one, too.
    There is a free mystery one starting tomorrow, January 6th, at if you want to add it to the list, plus, Morning Glory Designs website has a free one each year, it is starting soon.

  3. Thanks for such a comprehensive list Marian! Also be sure to include the Harry Potter quilt-along happening at Sew Fresh Quilts.

  4. A great list. Thanks for sharing! I tried to submit my infor for the Quilt Qwazy Queens hop, but I am not sure it ever sent.

  5. Love that you are keeping these all in one place. Thank you
    Would you check on Delft blue. My understanding is that you must purchase expensive forms to wrap your fabric around.

  6. As usual, you do so much extra for the quilting community, Marian. I am so grateful and so proud of having someone like you represent me. Thanks for doing this. I am eternally grateful. Happy New Year!!

  7. Marian,
    Thank you for putting this list together and for updating it as necessary. I love to look at them all, even if I will not be making the quilt. I like the connection, and heaven knows I can’t keep up with everything as I’d like to

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