Bea’s EQ Appliqued Animals Blog Hop Comes To An End..

Bea - EQ Appliqued Animals - Spring 2013

It’s been an amazing week full of fun, learning and great times at each of the different sites for Bea’s EQ Applique’D Animals Blog Hop. For me, being a new blog site, I’ve learned not only about EQ itself, but taking care of my blog and how to do things I was not aware of prior to people coming to visit me. I wish to take a moment and thank each of you who visited, especially those of you who left comments, compliments and the wanting to learn. I hope you will take the time, or purchase EQ and realize that your dreams can come true in quilting.

The above image gallery is a beautiful reminder of the sites I’ve learned from this week and a wonderful opportunity for you to continue to visit.

As a note to those waiting for the drawing on EQ Quiltmaker 6. I will run the drawing thru April 29, 2013. I will then go to and have it pick my number for me. I will hope to mail on Tuesday April 30, 2013 depending on how quickly I hear from the winner. As a note here, I live in Italy, so it could take up to two weeks for you to receive your prize depending on where you live.

See ya soon,


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