2014 BOMs

Little Treasures 2014

I’m very excited to bring you my very first BOM on my website.

Each block of Little Treasures will be posted on this page each month so you can easily find it.

A new block will appear every first Tuesday of each month. Click on the image to go to the link for each Little Treasures post.

You can read more about Little Treasures here.

Bonus blocks have been released in 2015 and 2016, the full series will finish in late 2016 with the last bonus block. You can find all the blocks in my Payhip and Craftsy Shops or trying a search on my blog using the words “Little Treasures”. I have not added all of the bonus blocks to this page.

BOMs Around The Web for 2014

I thought I would also feature here some of the other BOMs you will find across the web. If your offering a “Free” BOM, and would like to be featured here, please feel free to contact me. In other words, their must be an ongoing block  in your BOM that is Free during the length of your BOM.

16 thoughts on “2014 BOMs

  1. Thanks Marian for the new blocks you posted. I am glad to hear that things are going better for you. Looking forward to the next one but will patiently wait until you are able to get it posted. May God Bless You for all your kindness!

  2. Marian am hoping everything is well with you and your family. I wish to thank you for the wonderful blocks. Don’t worry about getting the blocks out; you take care of what you need to. I know you will publish them when you are able as things come together for you.

  3. Hi, still can’t find the Oct block or the Nov block or Dec 14! Are there still computer problems because I missed the Sept block and am hoping that this is not going to happen for these three blocks as well.

  4. I am sorry for all the problems that you are having. I think that is how I missed Sept 14 block and I hope I don’t miss Oct and Nov never mind Dec too. Good luck!

  5. I have tried x3 to send you message through “contact” without success. I’m unable to download oct or nov little treasures. by clicking on the picture from either the image on the 2014 BOM page or the home page. Because you’ve had computer problems and my computer identifies your site as not safe to open I decided to send a mess age to see if anyone else was having problems getting to your downloads

    1. I haven’t added october and november yet, I noted that I would be uploading them this week to let people know to be on the lookout for them.

      As to my site’s safety, this is very concerning to me, can you tell me which antivirus/firewall software your using, your browser and I will go and have my site checked at some of the various sites to be sure nothing is wrong with it. I would never want someone to risk their own security to just visit me.

      I wrote you in email also.

  6. We haven’t seen a new Little Treasure block since September. Are you retiring these blocks as complete, or are there more to come? If more to come, when? January 2015?

  7. I love your blocks and the means of my using the brother scan n cut. They have been wonderful with the pes files for my brother embroidery. This has helped me learn to use both better. So sorry about your machine and past internet problems. I have issues keeping up myself, being able to check back over and over each month for the “up only one week” files, but I do hope you just take your time and make it happen as you can. No guilt!

    1. Colleen, If your on Facebook or Google Plus, I always post on those pages to announce a block is up. If your not, try bloglovin, they will send you an email when I update the site with a post.

    2. and a thank you for the complement. I have been hoping to see some blocks done with the machine embroidery by others. I can’t know if I’m showing things correctly if others can’t do them, so feedback is really important to me.

  8. I can’t seem to download the BOM or the bonus pattern. I have tried everything but to no avail. Is anyone else able to download it????

    1. When you have problems like this, you should write me personally via the contact form. Not only will you get helped faster, but I can usually work out the problem. What page are you on when you try to download? Please write me with the url when you contact me again.

  9. I just found these adorable little blocks. Talk about cute overload. I only have a grandson at the moment but am definitely keeping in hopes that one day…. Thank you so much for sharing these with us. So very generous of you. 🙂

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