2015 BOW – Oh Holy Night

2015 NativityWelcome To Oh Holy Night 2015 a Block of the Week. Little Treasures 2014 and the past 2014 Boms can now be found here Artwork for Oh Holy Night is mainly created by Angie Wenke. All other artwork was drawn by Marian Pena in Electric Quilt. (Landscape, Trees, Stars, Building, sitting lamb (not shown)). I have made a Flickr group for you to upload your images to, I’d really love to see your progress for those who may be following along. It is located here. Each week, I will post a new part of the wallhanging on this page. You can access it by clicking on the images below for that week. If a tutorial is added for the release, it will also be added to the Tutorials section. Tutorials are not added to the pdf releases. Please read the features and guidelines of Oh Holy Night here.

If a page doesn’t open on a released file, please contact me, I didn’t know about the donkey download until I was writing the page for the Three Wisemen today. However, each image that features a part of this BOW has a blog post and they aren’t that difficult to find since this is a Block of the Week/Bi-Week. Their is also a Recent Posts list at the bottom of this page along with a search this blog feature.

Please remember, downloads are free until the next release only.


21 thoughts on “2015 BOW – Oh Holy Night

  1. Hi,
    I loved your designs. As i was in vacation and had to buy some parts, I hope now I am complete, already waiting for further posts. Thanks a lot for this wonderful present!
    I wil not be able to make it for this year, but I surely will make it for the next!

  2. You are doing a fantastic job on the projects and I do love Halloween but will be glad when it is over and hopefully the font type will be easier on the eyes (well….. mine anyway :-))
    Appreciation and respect, Michele-Marie

    1. I agree Michele-Marie, I was crazy to change the font and suffering for it now as I’m dealing with some eye strain.. I am sorry the fonts were bad, it’s a lesson well learned tho. 🙂

  3. Thanks for the patterns, I love the scene.
    I cannot download the donkey, I only get a popup with the picture of the donkey. I tried it several times this week, but I always get the popup with the picture. On the home page you stated that the 3 wise men were going to be uploaded later today, will that mean I missed the donkey?

    1. Go to the bottom of the pages to Recent Posts and click on the Oh Holy Night Week 9 – Donkey

      I Love this pattern

    2. I missed the donkey too tried several times every day but was not able to download it there was a problem. I finally purchased it today as I think it is an important part of the scene.

    3. I’m sorry Annette, if you look below I explain what happened, but suffice it to say, it wouldn’t have been hard to find the donkey post since it was less than a week old, just scrolling down the main page or looking at the very bottom of recent articles would have found the post the donkey download was linked on.

    1. I guess there was a problem with the donkey I purchased it because I thought it was an important part of the finished scene.

      1. Hi Rita,

        I’m sorry you had to end up purchasing it, I wish anyone who noticed the problem would have spoke up sooner because I could have gotten the link fixed much quicker and some people wouldn’t have missed the download. If you had looked for the actual post which was only less than a week old you would have found the actual download link, because those links on this main image page always take you to the post the download link is on.. they are only their to provide a shortcut to the post itself. The download link is always found on the post itself, never on this page.

  4. When I try and download I get this message.

    404 Page Not Found
    The page you requested was not found.

    Am I doing something wrong?

      1. I’m sorry Sue, I hope you found the download ok, I did not get your original email on the comment or I would have tried to come find the issue.

  5. Thank you for this free pattern! Will it always be available? Is there a Facebook support group for it?

    1. Hi Gemma,

      Your welcome, and no, the downloads are for a limited time, stated clearly on each page when I offer a free patterns that are limited. It is also noted on the download page itself. The guidelines and feature page also states that the downloads are limited.

      Their is no facebook group for Oh Holy Night, while I suppose I could offer one, their has never seemed to be enough interest for one, not that I ever asked, but I have never even received any questions concerning how my patterns are made, so I don’t see the point in alot of generated interest for a group.

  6. perdonar mi torpeza ,quiero hacer esta pieza con vosotros yo no dispongo de este programa ni de estas fabulosas maquinas .
    no seria posible un enlace de pdf para las que no tengamos esos medios tan fantasticos ?
    yo soy muy novata en esto del ordenador y agradeceria una pequeña ayuda .
    este boom2015 es fabuloso y me apetece mucho acerlo con vuestra ayuda .agradecida .

    1. Esta página es la página de menú para cada parte de la proa. Las páginas para cada semana, tienen los archivos pdf. Semana 1 no tiene un archivo .pdf, que cubre principalmente los suministros necesarios y las telas que tendrás que trabajar con la lección de la semana 2 y más allá. Lección Semana del 2 cuenta con archivos pdf para su descarga en la página 2.

  7. perdonar por mi torpeza pero no encuentro ningun enlace para poder descargarme el archivo PDF
    para este boom 2015

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