Reward Request Sue and Sam 2017-20

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As my thank you to you for creating a block and uploading it to your Flickr profile or sending it via email to me for Sunbonnet Sue and Sam, I am offering the blocks that won’t be released during the block of the month to be available to you free when you upload one of the released Free blocks of the month.


All requirements for redeeming your blocks are also listed below the submit button on this page. Please review them from time to time.

Fill out the form completely. Missed details will be ignored if I don’t have all the info I’ve asked for. A how-to upload using the form are listed below the form below also.

Your Details

Please fill in all details, anything missing will hold up your reward.

Please NOTE: If you upload to Flickr, your images must have been added to the appropriate group for this reward.


If you uploaded your images to the Flickr group, please state the URLS.

You can also use the uploader to upload them to me.

Allowed Formats jpg, png, pdf, zip, txt, bmp


  1. For each block you request, you must have uploaded an equal block to either Flickr or using the Upload To Me feature in the form.. The block you upload needs to be one of the Free blocks that are released in 2017-18.
  2. You will receive the opposite/matching block for which you uploaded. Ex: If you upload Sam In Montana, you will receive Sue In Montana.
  3. There is a form you fill out for each block you are requesting. Please allow me up to a week to send you your coupon. (Most of the time, you will hear pretty quickly from me tho) Not on weekends tho. My weekends are my best sewing time, so I stay away from the pc as much as possible).
  4. If a block that you want is not available yet, you need to wait for new blocks to become available.
  5. If you need a missed block, you can purchase the block, then turn it in by the expiration time of each pattern for Flickr to receive the free Flickr reward. B
  6. All Free patterns must be uploaded within 30 days of their release date to be eligible for the reward pattern. After that, they are no longer eligible and you will have to purchase them.
  7. Blocks no longer need to be in the Flickr groups as of May 17, 2018. However, if you upload to flickr, I must have the exact url of your block. 
  8. Uploading To Me and your rights… By uploading to me via the form, I will do everything possible to protect your images. The gallery includes a watermarking feature, and a no download feature. However, as much as we can watermark and try to prevent downloads, people will always find a way to do so. I can only do so much to protect the images. I will never claim ownership of your pictures, but your pictures will have a “Seams To Be Sew” watermark on them. This doesn’t mean I own them, just that the image was made available at Seams To Be Sew. Your first name and last name first letter initial will be included with every picture. I’m still trying to decide which is the best way to create a gallery, but my guess is I will go with each state 

You will receive a coupon code in your email to redeem for the specified block. The coupon is created for the block you specified and will only be allowed for a 1-time use. You can only redeem the coupons in my Payhip shop. Simply add the item to the cart, go to checkout, add the coupon code, then download, it’s just that simple.

How To Use The Upload To Me Feature:


stbs-2018-0517-004stbs-2018-0517-005Once you click submit, you should see (if you scroll up a bit)


and if you stay on the page long enough it will forward you to this page.