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Quilt Qwazy Queens 2019Quilt Qwazy Queens is in its 4th year as an event on my blog. It always marks the celebration of Worldwide Quilting Day.

All the same guidelines for my previous hops are in place, with the exception that this year I want to see your craziest project. Whether it’s something you’ve created in the past, are currently working on, or always wanted to make but didn’t…

This could be a blog, a website, a shop.
The address of your blog/website.

I personally like knowing when you wish to be scheduled, this helps me to schedule you when you'd like to participate.
Is there a specific date that is good or bad for you. Please answer with something like No Fridays, or Wednesdays are great or the specific date during hop run.

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This area allows me to help with giveaways by adding them to an entry line, thus giving the entrant more abilities to enter a giveaway, it also helps people get to know where to follow you at as they enter these giveaways.

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If you own a shop on the web, what's the website address?