Breaking Nodes In EQ

Breaking Nodes In EQThis is a fun little lesson on Breaking Nodes In EQ…. one of the older lessons I uploaded, then never published last year.. seriously.. I need to get them released, I can’t believe I still have videos in my video manager that I never released..

This fun little video shows you that breaking nodes can be fun. While most of the time when I break a node it’s usually because I wish to change an area, or delete or edit an area. With this one I was adding to an area, but taking away from an area as well by making dashed lines. It’s probably not the best way to show breaking nodes, but I wanted to show something fun and different with this little lesson. 

Artwork used in this video from Trina Walker

Thank you Electric Quilt for giving me sew much daily fun!!



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  1. AvatarWendy K says:

    If you have a paper pieced EQ 7 design tutorial in your stash I would love to see it. That is something I just can’t seem to understand. (no inside corners) I can’t find an in depth tutorial anywhere. I have all the EQ7 books. I don’t know I guess I just need to see the design in action 🙂 Thanks for all the information that you share with us.

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