By Now.. Ya’ll Should Know I Love Love Love..

Calibre ArtsHeya Everyone,

Remember yesterday, I told ya I had big news.. well.. here it is 🙂

By Now.. Ya’ll Should Know I Love Love Love my Calibre Arts Mats. I have the 18×24 and the 9×12 and they are absolutely AMAZING.. I’ve had my 18×24 for six months now and because I use it nearly everyday, I’m still amazed by it.. Six months in and it’s still not showing any wear and tear on the mat. That’s pretty dang cool imho..

With that said, I wrote Sam at Calibre Arts, because they were so generous with us for Quilt Qwazy Queens and asked if they’d again like to sponsor us for The Road Home Row Along in September.

Without hesitation, Sam wrote me back and he is giving us a whopping

21 Cutting Mats

I’m not sure you all can see that,

21 Cutting Mats

Can you believe it, WoW!! I’m still in amazed mode.

That will be two cutting mats given away on each day of this event, and one on Show and Tell Day, that is pretty darn cool. doncha think?

So, let’s break that down..

11 18×24 Mats at $34.95 each, that’s a total value of 384.85
10 12×18 Mats at $24.95 each, that’s a total value of 249.50

That’s over 600.00 in prizes alone..

Fan Dam Tabulous

is all I have to say on that score..

Unfortunately, because the winners of these mats use a coupon code thru Amazon, it is limited to the USA only. Amazon has stopped shipping these mats outside of the USA.

Are the folks at Calibre Arts just the best.

Thank you so much Calibre Arts.

Once I get up off of the floor, I’ll be back
tomorrow with Perfect Pairs

Bacon and Eggs
Bacon and Eggs / Coming June 22, 2016

The Row By Row Experience

Starts Today June 21, 2016

and to those of you visiting Quilt Shops around the world today, should you happen to pick up a pattern you don’t want.. Send it to me, I’ll happily take it off your hands.. 🙂

Have fun in your travels, and Stay Safe!!

Have a Fabulous Tuesday Everyone,


7 thoughts on “By Now.. Ya’ll Should Know I Love Love Love..

  1. That is totally amazing! What a generous sponsor. I hope there is someone in other parts of the world who will come up with a great prize there, too. I didn’t shop hop today, but I found a shop in Cary, NC that made two rows that are *SO* adorable and go together. I’ll be ordering the kits when they become available online next fall, that’s for sure!

    1. hehe, I already ordered them, but watchout, that shipping cost is HUGE.. 8.00 for me.. I think they will reduce that as I am pretty sure last year they refunded shipping also. They have the patterns in there cart and you can pre-order, that’s what I did, cause your right, there two rows this year are really cute.

    1. yes they are.. Perfect Pairs started last week with Pancakes and Syrup, tomorrow is the second week Lori.

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