Oh Holy Night BOTW – Weeks 5 and 6 Now Online…

2015 Nativity

The angel, star, and cows have been released this week. I appreciate that ya’ll allowed me the extra time to get these out to you. I know it’s got to be frustrating to be waiting for them. EQ Seasons has just totally taken my time tho and having to recreate all the pictures is just been very time consuming. So I’m releasing these patterns today as just that, patterns, no tutorial or anything to go with them.

I will note I will do the tutorial later during the release of other blocks.

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Oh Holy Night Week 5 & 6 Combined…

2015 BoW

I know Oh Holy Night Week 5 was suppose to be released this past Friday. I apologize, I’ve been so caught up with EQ Seasons that it just totally slipped my mind to work up the pictures again. 

I’ve decided I don’t want to put myself under some pressure to finish them up to get it up sometime this week, so I’ve decided I’ll combine Weeks 5 and 6 together and they will be released Sept 11 as planned. I’m sorry for the inconvenience and I thank you for waiting for the next release.


Oh Holy Night – Week 4

2015 Nativity

Oh Holy Night Week 4This weeks Oh Holy Night’s patterns are the buildings. The Shed and The Inn.

Artwork for The Shed is from Ange Wenke.

When I originally chose this artwork for Oh Holy Night, their were some things in the artwork that I thought were missing. Like the trees of Week 3‘s patterns and the Landscape of Week 1 and 2. I have always said I can’t draw, and really I can’t, but I can doodle.

With Electric Quilt, I drew The Inn completely using the shapes in Electric Quilt to create it. When I draw, their are no drawings made on paper, it all comes from my head or ideas I’ve seen elsewhere and I just draw it on my own. I’ve seen many buildings in the background for nativities and I’m sure that I probably got the idea of it from those, but I really wanted to have a building based on the bible story of Jesus’s birth, so I added The Inn to this project.

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Oh Holy Night – Week 3

2015 Nativity

So, we are in Week 3 of the Oh Holy Night BOW.. Today, we’ll be covering the Tree patterns, and adding the borders. Oops!! I messed up the Palm Tree download, if you downloaded this before, it was a jpg file and should have been a pdf file. Please redownload it. Continue reading

Oh Holy Night – Week 2

Oh Holy Night Week 2

2015-stbs-2 half backgrounds 2015-stbs-2 half backgrounds-RrLandscapes are one of my most favorite quilt types. However, I had never made one until I started this Block Of The Week. The artwork itself for the nativity parts do not include a landscaping scene, but in order to place nativity shapes I really felt a landscape was necessary. I didn’t just want to place them in blocks and call it a day. So, while this lesson is what I would call time consuming, it is pretty easy to do. I mentioned last week the sources that could be used for creating your own landscape. This lesson is totally optional and you are free to go whatever route you wish to add your shapes to a quilt or wallhanging. This lesson is image heavy, with approximately 90 images, their is alot to show you in how to do this part of the wallhanging. Two pdf files are included in this lesson to download with, that give you exact shapes like the above images, however, I’m going to show you how to create your own with this lesson. Continue reading

Oh Holy Night – Week 1

2015 Nativity

2015 NativityToday we start Oh Holy Night. I’ve loved how mine has turned out and I hope you to will make this wallhanging and let me see what you’ve done. I have meticulously laid this out so each week we’ll cover new parts of the wallhanging. Most of this wallhanging is applique shapes, such as the animals, trees, people and other objects. But the most technical part of this wallhanging is the background and without that you can’t really start this wallhanging. It wouldn’t matter if you made all the shapes first, without the background you have nothing to place them on. Once you get beyond the background, this wallhanging goes together easily and quickly. The shapes are not tedious, they are simple to set in place and there are not tons and tons of little pieces. Continue reading

2015 Oh Holy Night Guidelines and Features

2015 BoW

2015 BoW

Welcome To Oh Holy Night 2015 a Block of the Week.

Little Treasures 2014 can now be found here

Artwork for Oh Holy Night is mainly created by Angie Wenke.

All other artwork was drawn by Marian Pena in Electric Quilt. (Landscape, Trees, Optional Other Star, (not shown) Building, sitting lamb (not shown)).

I am estimating that Oh Holy Night will take about 12 weeks to complete, but it is possible it may finish sooner or run a bit longer. While I have made a set schedule, sometimes, real life gets in the way and I may not get something posted on time.

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