Canadian Sue & Sam – Prince Edward Island Released

Sue & Sam PEI

Sue & Sam PEII am happy to finally release Sunbonnet Sue and Sam Canada – Prince Edward Island. This is a pretty simple design for the Island, but cute none the less.

Sam is the Free block for this release

The Flickr Turn in date is Nov 29, 2017.

So, let’s get to the downloads…


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Sue and Sam – California, and Halloween Sayings 9 and 10 Released…

Sue and Sam In CA

Sue and Sam In CA

As some of you know I’ve been trying to get these files for Sue and Sam released all week.

I ran into an issue when finishing up the pattern for Sue. I realized that the key for the shapes was wrong. This would have been a big problem for you when you pieced her together. Not only did I have to fix that, but the SVG files also needed to be fixed.

I finally have the patterns ready and I can get them released.

Canada should be released next week along with the next Twas The Night Before Christmas Blocks.

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Sue and Sam In Georgia Finally Released…

Sue and Sam Georgia

Sue and Same GeorgiaNext up in the releases is Sue and Sam In Georgia… I love this pattern set, so fun and quite delicate at the same time. Kind of reminds me of those porcelain niknaks that were popular when I was a little girl. I can’t for the life of me remember the name now, but maybe someone knows what I mean…

With Georgia, Sam is the Free pattern, and Sue is the rewards block.

Created in Electric Quilt with commissioned artwork that is exclusive to use by Seams To Be Sew from Clipartopolis.  I hope you enjoy this absolutely adorable set of patterns for Georgia.

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Block Of The Month Releases & Guidelines For 2017

S&S Logo 2017

Twas The Night Before Christmas Block Of The Month

I should have written this page long ago, but it’s done now, so should help you know what has been released and hasn’t. I will keep it updated with each release of the various blocks.

This year I’m taking on two blocks of the month projects. Originally these were scheduled to be one year block of the month projects, but I realize now, they are going to have to be two-year projects. I will, however, try to finish the Canadian Sue and Sam in one year.

The first is a continuation of last years Sue and Sam Travel the World, but this year they are traveling the USA and Canada. Each state and province will be done.

The second is a paid block of the month featuring the story of Twas The Night Before Christmas.

This page is here to let you see what’s been released during the year, and what the guidelines are for the year.

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Canadian Sue & Sam – Manitoba Released!!!

Manitoba Sam and Sue

Manitoba Sam and SueI don’t have any good excuses why this is so late, but it’s finally here and I’m happy to have the fifth province done…. almost half way there and I really do want to try and finish them all this year. So, here is Manitoba, and the next set release for Canadian Sue and Sam is Prince Edward Island. I have them drawn, and just need to finish up the digitizing files for the tester to work on, so hopefully, she will get them this week.

It’s been a busy summer and I will try to release updates during the Christmas Caroling Row Along, but any updates will be released on days where the event is not going on, such as Monday, Wednesdays or Fridays.

So, let’s get to the downloads… Sue is the free file for this release. Continue reading

Sunbonnet Sue and Sam – Connecticut Is Released…

Sue and Sam In Conn

Sue and Sam In Conn

Again, thank you so much for patience in waiting for me to get this block released. You all have been amazing. 

Sue is the free download for this release with Sam as the Flickr Reward block.  To download Sam, Click On the Images below:

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Flickr Rewards and TTNBC Block 04…

Sue and Sam Illinois

Sue and Sam Illinois

Just posting a little note that all FlickR rewards for Sue and Sams are caught up as of this morning. June 05, 2017. Their is a new way that rewards are being done, they will no longer be thru Payhip. You will have one coupon code, but can use it on 1 pattern or multiple patterns. Please add all your patterns to the cart at once, then check out with your coupon code. A How To Use the Cart has been added to the site where rewards are now housed at.

It will be much easier for me to go this route and in the end I believe everyone of you will also like it as you’ll have many features you didn’t have before at Payhip.

Please be on the watch also for your TTNBC Block 04 rewards, I am almost finished writing that pattern up and I will send those rewards first before uploading it to Craftsy and Payhip, thus those of you who’ve been waiting will have them first. I’ll try to get block 05 up by the end of this week, my tester has sent that pattern back as of yesterday, so it should be written more quickly than block 04 as their is not as much embroidery in that block.

Cya Soon,