Sunbonnet Sue and Sam – Connecticut Is Released…

Sue and Sam In Conn

Sue and Sam In Conn

Again, thank you so much for patience in waiting for me to get this block released. You all have been amazing. 

Sue is the free download for this release with Sam as the Flickr Reward block.  To download Sam, Click On the Images below:

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Flickr Rewards and TTNBC Block 04…

Sue and Sam Illinois

Sue and Sam Illinois

Just posting a little note that all FlickR rewards for Sue and Sams are caught up as of this morning. June 05, 2017. Their is a new way that rewards are being done, they will no longer be thru Payhip. You will have one coupon code, but can use it on 1 pattern or multiple patterns. Please add all your patterns to the cart at once, then check out with your coupon code. A How To Use the Cart has been added to the site where rewards are now housed at.

It will be much easier for me to go this route and in the end I believe everyone of you will also like it as you’ll have many features you didn’t have before at Payhip.

Please be on the watch also for your TTNBC Block 04 rewards, I am almost finished writing that pattern up and I will send those rewards first before uploading it to Craftsy and Payhip, thus those of you who’ve been waiting will have them first. I’ll try to get block 05 up by the end of this week, my tester has sent that pattern back as of yesterday, so it should be written more quickly than block 04 as their is not as much embroidery in that block.

Cya Soon,


Sunbonnet Sue and Sam – Nova Scotia and The Yukon Released…

SandS In Yuk and NS

SandS In Yuk and NSThank you so much for waiting. turns out the embroidery for the Yukon had a few errors that really needed to be fixed before I could release. They are now all fixed, so I can release these today for you.

Sue In Nova Scotia is the May Canadian BOTM and Sam In The Yukon is the April Canadian BOTM. These are the free blocks.

My internet has been down or this would have been posted earlier, so sorry if you had to wait on it today.

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Sunbonnet Sue and Sam – Alabama and Illinois Released

Sue and Sam Ala-Ill

I thank you so much for patiently waiting for me to get these blocks released. You all have been amazing. These are Aprils Block of the Month releases for Sue and Sam In The USA… May’s release will be during the week of May 22. I will try to release on the 22nd, but it will just depend on how far I am into getting caught up.

Sam is the free download for this release with Sue being the release for May when it’s released in a few weeks. To download the Sams In these two states, Click On the Images below:

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Calibre Art Mat Deal 50% Off Day 1 Extended

Calibre Arts

This is the same post from last week, with the exception of a few additions and some news about Sunbonnet Sue and Sam…

Samuel has extended the coupon sale. These mats are already on sale at Amazon, but you can get an additional 50% off, if you want to buy a mat, this is the time to try and win one of the 5 coupon codes handed out each day this week till friday. The first drawing will be tomorrow Tuesday, May 9, 2017.

You do need to enter daily, the entries are not added to the next day. Please check your email, I got most of these out last week every day by 8am and one day by 9am, so you have plenty of time to purchase the mat, but you do need to check your email, if you check the blog and see your name, but have no email, write me in email, I will check it.. There were some people who used different emails to enter last week, but I have them on my contact list with a different email, so if you have more than one account, the emails do go to the one you give to rafflecopter.

Samuel at Calibre Arts has written me in email and they are introducing their new 18-Inch rotating mat. They want to offer my visitors a 50% off coupon for the mat for you to enjoy their mats with. This is an amazing deal for one of their mats and the rotating mats are absolutely fabulous. I love mine well I love all my Calibre Art mats, but the rotating ones are really amazing as the mat does stay in place and turns easily when you need to rotate the mat. The grip on the table is also amazing, the bottom of the mat does not slide or move while your cutting and like all their mats, it heals instantly, cleans up nicely and the lines are also very accurate. These are wonderful mats… I want everyone to have one… If you think you’d like to take them up on their offer, you just need to enter the giveaway below, and tomorrow, I’ll draw 5 names to send the 50% off coupon code to. I’ll do this each day until Friday May 12, 2017 .

These would make a great Mothers Day gift, birthday or even early Christmas gift for someone who needs a new mat, whether you sew, craft or quilt.

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Sunbonnet Sue and Sam – Tennessee Released

Sue and Sam In Tennessee

Sue and Sam In TennesseeI’ve looked forward to releasing Tennessee, ever since I got the artwork for it. I love it. While I love this entire series of patterns, Tennessee has become one of my favorite patterns.

Sue is the Free pattern for this set, you have till April 26 to turn her in for the free Sam pattern.

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Sunbonnet Sue and Sam – Alberta Released

Sam and Sue In Alberta

Sam and Sue In Alberta

I love the backdrop of the snow in these patterns, but I’m thinking if I were going to use this on point block, I’d want to make it the snow packed area instead of having the background itself… so it’s an option you to can think about when your making this block.

This block will go easily together, it doesn’t have a lot of embroidery to it and does stitch together quite quickly. I love the skiers, and how cool they are… Please note, that my Sue in this image to the left, is a mirror image of how she is actually designed.

Sue is the Free pattern this month, you’ll have Continue reading