Sunbonnet Sue & Sam – Arkansas Released…

Sue and Sam Arkansas

Sue and Sam ArkansasIt’s a Monday again… my site has been very slow to load today, has anyone else perhaps noticed or is it my internet connection? I wonder these things when it seems to load slow, as I’ll go to another site and it will load quickly. I just don’t get it… 

Today I have for you, Sue and Sam In Arkansas. Sam is the Free pattern this week, with Sue being the Flickr reward. Mt. Ida is considered the crystal capital of the world, so it’s fitting that Arkansas represents this beautiful mineral.

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Sue and Sam In Arizona and Quebec Released

Sue and Sam In Arizona

Sue and Sam In Quebec

This week the free release is Sue In Arizona, with the Sam being the Flickr reward. This week also starts the Canadian BOTM – Sue in Quebec is the free release, and Sam is the Flickr Reward

I am late this week, for the simple reason that these patterns took me much longer to create than they have in the past. I have made the decision tho to extend this block of the week to the same timing as last years, where a release will be made every other Monday, twice a  month… so the first and third Mondays will be release days, starting with February. The USA block of the week will be a two-year event instead of the one year it currently is. If I don’t make this change, I don’t have time for anything else, and I do have other obligations this year besides just this block of the week event. The Canadian Block will remain as is, with one exception, the block will be released the 2nd Monday of every month.

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News, News, and More News…

Tell Me

I have been meaning to post all week with the Sue and Sam patterns, but have been slowed down this week due to the detail in the patterns, so first let me apologize, I should have them ready for you tomorrow morning and will post them at that time. Please note, I will be making some changes to this block of the week, so please read tomorrow’s post.

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Sunbonnet Sue and Sam In Montana Released

Sue and Sam In Montana

Sue and Sam In MontanaI’m a little late today, but I really did try to get these out for Monday.

Today’s release for Sunbonnet Sue and Sam is Montana.

I have loved your comments and am glad you are enjoying these blocks so far.

This week the free release is Sam In Montana, with Sue being the Flickr reward.

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Sunbonnet Sue and Sam In Hawaii Released

Hawaii-Sue and Sam

Hawaii-Sue and SamWell if I’d had a few more hours, it might have been Friday before I got this up, but everything has been fixed in what I wrote Monday and now I can release it. What I had done was make the shapes in the wrong size. It wasn’t until I was making the .svg files that I realized the shape sizes were incorrect.  So, without further ado, here is Sunbonnet Sue In Hawaii – she is the first release for the Sunbonnet Sue and Sam BOTM in the USA and Canada.

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Sunbonnet Sue and Sam 2017 BOTW Preview and Attn: Susan E..

S&S Logo 2017

S&S Logo 2017Last night I had the good fortune to receive the first set of artwork from Clipartopolis for this years Block Of The Week.

So, I’ve drawn up what would have been this months blocks to give you a preview.

I’m also going to change the release date…

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Are You Doing A Block Of The Month In 2017?


ttnbc-01-largeAs a quilter, one of the things I most enjoy is a pattern, something that entices me, something that makes me think WoW, I want to make that.  When I got back into quilting in 2013 after a 15 year break from it, I was amazed at how some things had changed, but how some things had remained the same. What I didn’t know about at the time was blogging. I was looking around at places on the web thinking that there had to be some quilters who had websites. Imagine my surprise when I not only discovered blogs, but quilters who so generously give of their time to create patterns that they just gave away.. freely.. WoW!!!

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