It Comes And Goes So Quickly…


LT05Days like today allow you to reflect and wonder, I’ve been thinking about this day for months. Even thinking what design look I’d change my blog to today. It’s my domain’s birthday, and I have no idea what to change my design to. The simple fact is, I think I like this one way to much, it’s me to a T.. I like the sunbonnet header/logo, I like the Crazy Patch background, and I like the design of the site. So for now, I’m not going to change a thing. Perhaps someday, but for now, nope.. It isn’t like I tried, I really looked, tried various displays, and I even made some backgrounds.. would you like to have them?

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Little Treasures December 2014 Released

LT12It hasn’t been easy to post this one… The last one in my 2014 Block of the Month series.

While I may post bonus blocks from time to time, this is the official last one in the series.

No tutorials with this one, although it is probably one of the more difficult blocks to put together, I’ve already covered everything in previous blocks, so if their is something you need to learn you’ll find that info in my Tutorials section.

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Little Treasures November 2014

LT11-2014wbWell she’s finally online and ready for you to download…

Little Treasures November 2014 was created by Marian Pena and the artwork was purchased at Graphics and Graphics.

She was drawn in Electric Quilt and the embroidery created in Bernina Designer Edition.

This is like all the others a 15-Inch block.

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Little Treasures October & November

Little Treasures October Hi Everyone, I know I am running very late, far later than I’d anticipated. So many things going on and so little time to give the proper time to Little Treasures. However, I have been working on these dolls for the last week now, and October and November are almost ready to be posted. I thought I’d keep you aprised of what’s been going on so you know they are coming.

Since my participation in last months blog hop, I have had issues with my embroidery machine, and then my computer itself. I’ve been crazy trying to get everything figured out. While I consider myself somewhat knowledgable about computers, sometimes some things go wrong that are just beyond my comprehension. As a for instance, I have 3 hard drives on my desktop. (I use a desktop, I don’t own a cell phone) I don’t use my laptop as it just doesn’t have enough ram necessary for me to work comfortably. So, two of those hard drives all of a sudden started acting like the one I lost last April/May, they’d disappear, and reappear when I would restart the desktop. In other words, not a reboot, I had to shut it off and turn it back on to get them to show up. So I realized I needed to get some of the data backed up quickly. So I started working on that, ordered two new drives to replace the ones I was losing and hoped I wouldn’t lose anything while I waited for the new ones. Turns out, that it wasn’t the drive that was the problem, but the cables hooking the hard drive to the motherboard. I didn’t even discover it until I went to place the new drives in the desktop and one of the drives wouldn’t show up at all. So, what a hassle, I certainly hope that 2015 brings less pc problems and more time for sewing. Anyway, since getting my pc put back together, I’ve been working on the dolls and trying to get them finished. I am really hoping to have them online by wednesday of this week. We will see, I will put both October and November up at the same time, and next week should be December’s block.

Would you like a sneak peek at November’s block? Check it out…

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Little Treasures September 2014 is Finally Here!!

LT09-1Heya Everyone, How are you doing this month. I had planned to get this up last week for you, but my plans were delayed when I just forgot.. literally, I changed my host, and went to work on the Twas The Night Blog Hop things I needed to finish up so I could ship them out. So with that done and on the way, I was putting everything away when I saw the September block and went.. oh shoot!!! So here it is, and I hope you will enjoy it.

This is a 15-Inch block, created in EQ, and Bernina Designer Plus software. The artwork is from Graphics and Graphics.

I’d also like to share with you Joyce’s finished block. She sent this to me in email a few weeks ago and it tickled me pink to see one of the Little Treasures blocks done by someone else. So please let Joyce know what you think to in the comments below.

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Little Treasures August 2014 Now Online!!

LT08-AugustJust about the easiest block you can put together is this months block for Little Treasures.

It goes together easily and quickly.

This is a 15-Inch block.

The artwork is from Graphics and Graphics.

This design was created in Electric Quilt v7, and Bernina Designer Plus Software. At this time, I have decided not to include the cutting files, opting instead to give you tutorials on how to create your own. I really would love to share the svg files with you and have permission to do so, but it is not possible to import the svg file in with the software such as Silhouette Studio without having to resize the svg. Because it’s to difficult to note the sizings that each svg would need to be, I’ve opted to show you how to make your cutting files from the pdf file provided for your patterns instead.

With this block, I used 100% cotton flannel for the fabric on her dress and bow.

The bow middle uses the same new technique I showed you with May and June’s block in which you do the machine embroidery right on the background block. It’s so easy to do you will wonder why you didn’t try it with May or June’s block. 🙂 Ok, I’m hoping someone will someday make one of these blocks, so while you can use normal applique methods with this block, I would still love to see anyone make a block.

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