Sunbonnet Sue and Sam – Russia/Iceland/Netherlands Released…



sam-and-sue-in-russia-iceland-and-netherlandsSue and Sam in Russia and Iceland are released. The Russian patterns are your free patterns for November, and Iceland is the Flickr Reward for November.

I’ve thrown in a Bonus Block this month, The Netherlands is also now available for purchase.

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Sunbonnet Sue & Sam Will Be Released Wednesday…

Sue and Sam In Russia

Sue and Sam In RussiaLike it or not, I know I am running late again, unfortunately, this is due to a little issue with EQ and my not having my embroidery designs folder also.

I went to create the patterns last week, and my Russian Sue in the p7e file was half drawn and Sam was totally missing along with the December’s Sue and Sam and the other three countries yet to be released for the full Flickr Award when you finish all 24 free patterns. I have been working pretty diligently since the weekend to get them redrawn with a different trick in EQ to get them to save. I guess my laptop doesn’t like EQ anymore, even went and bought a new laptop, but I am waiting on EQ to send me a new cd so I can reinstall it on that laptop. Until then the work is going pretty slowly and I do apologize, but their is just nothing I can do. The moving issues have to come first and this comes second.

Update, I apologize, this post was meant to note that I would release on Nov 16, we won’t have internet after this morning until Tuesday Nov 15, I just couldn’t get them to come sooner, so I can’t release until next Wednesday. My apologies for the confusion.

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Sunbonnet Sue In Egypt and India Released

India & Egypt Sue

India & Egypt Sue

First, Thank You so much for bearing with me as we got the movers to take our possessions last week.. They are gone, but they are definitely not forgotten. Worse, they said it could take 60 days to arrive at our new home… I’m telling you when they say it’s on the slow boat to China, they really mean it. 🙂

However, Hooray, I did manage to get this released today!!! I bet you were skeptical? 🙂

This weeks release is Sue In Egypt and Sue In India, with India being the Free block and Egypt being the Flickr Reward. Speaking of FlickR rewards, I know, I know I am very late getting them out to those of you who have requested them, but I will get them out by the end of this week and caught up. Feel free to request any others, I will do them all by the end of this week to get caught up.

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Sunbonnet Sue In Egypt and India Release Delayed

India & Egypt Sue

India & Egypt SueI can’t believe I have to do this, but I have to delay the release of Sue in Egypt and India for a week. I just haven’t had the time to work on the pattern. I did get it stitched out, and the testing went well, I just don’t have the time it takes to write the pattern up. I won’t have the time either, with the movers due here Thursday, it’s just going to be too busy of a week. I will shoot for next Monday the 24th as the release date. We’ll be staying in a hotel by then and I should have the time to finish the pattern.

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Sunbonnet Sue In Spain and Italy Released…

Italy and Spanish Sue

Italy and Spanish Sue

Sunbonnet Sue in Spain is the 18th free block offered for the Sunbonnet Sue and Sam Travel the World botm and Italy is the 8th country to be released as a Flickr Reward block, making the Sunbonnet Sam in Italy the 16th Flickr Reward block offered.

Looking to know who won October’s release? Have a look inside to find out.

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Sunbonnet Sam In Spain and Italy Released…

Sam In Spain and Italy

Sam In Spain and ItalySo today marks the release of Sam In Spain and Italy. I’d like to tell you why I made the choice to release these two together… Usually, when I choose which ones go up each month there is a reason behind it.

Here in Italy where I live currently, if you speak Spanish, you will find that the languages are very similar to each other. It’s interesting in that respect because Spanish is literally a second language to most of America now. When I tell people I live in Italy, it doesn’t surprise me that many wish to visit this beautiful country, I try to tell them what they shouldn’t do, and at the same time I like to mention that if they speak Spanish, they will do well speaking to Italians since the languages are so very similar. This is why I chose to put the two together for the release month.

Sunbonnet Sam in Spain is the 17th free block offered for the Sunbonnet Sue and Sam Travel the World botm and Italy is the 8th country to be released as a Flickr Reward block, making the Sunbonnet Sam in Italy the 15th Flickr Reward block offered.

This release also marks the voting for October on your choice of what should be released. Your choices are Egypt and India.

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Sunbonnet Sam Antartica and Australia – Released

Sam In Australia and Antartica

Sam In Australia and AntarticaNo excuses, just running late today..

Sunbonnet Sam Antartica and Australia are officially released.

The voting for September’s release is done and Spain was the clear winner.

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