Offline For A Few Days!!

dell 3000

dell 3000

Time for a new pc for me.. My hubby has been using an All In one type of pc, and lately his has been acting up, now it is so slow that even trying to open software takes quite some time, more time than even I would have the patience for and I can promise you when it comes to patience, my hubby has more than I do by a factor of 10 times… at least. Not that he doesn’t get a bit riled at times, but he just rarely shows it. Even his cdrom has stopped working, and that I can’t replace easily on a All in One pc.

In my home, he may be the network engineer, but I am the one who can build a pc from putting the motherboard in a tower to installing the software.. networking totally confuses me on the other hand. 🙂

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Three Years Ago Today…

Seams To Be Sew 2013-04
Seams To Be Sew 2013-04

Seams To Be Sew 2013-04

Three years ago today, I opened my blog. It started with this post. Well, that’s not true.. it actually started with this post and it went from their. At the time, I had just started learning Electric Quilt after having owned it for years and years, and just never doing anything with it. I had already been working on quilting again, prior to that, having to purchase a few supplies I didn’t bring overseas with me, and I definitely didn’t have the fabric storage that I needed for quilting either. It’s all still stored away in San Diego. I was thinking of opening a blog at the time I wrote Bea, but I just hadn’t planned on doing it so quickly, thus, the design of my blog was quite simple. I had no clue how WordPress worked as a blogging platform, and I honestly have to admit, I never even gave Blogger a consideration, not because of anything other than the things I read about on other blogs at the time and issues people had with Blogger. So I tried WordPress and it has been interesting. It’s not that WordPress is difficult to learn, but it is setup quite differently from other platform scripts I have tried in the past. In fact, I still like Joomla better, but, Joomla was never meant to be a blogging script and that’s the difference really.

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I know, I know, I’ve been MIA for 12 days..

International Craft Month 2016

But with good reason.. really… maybe… oh heck, I dunno.. perhaps it’s been the International Craft Month 2016disheartening problems with my internet connection, having to spend much time at the library just to answer email, or try to get things done on the net that I know need to be done… I don’t like to work on my blog at the library because I don’t necessarily trust that the connection is secure there, so I’ve had to wait it out and see what happens. They finally bought a new modem today.. the second one in the last two months now… I’m not the only one who’s had this problem tho, it seems about 20 or so modems went out here in the housing complex, so I’m at least happy to know I wasn’t the only one going crazy.

So how have the last 12 days of your life been?

My friend Darlene over at Quiltshop Gal is doing a Blog Hop during the first part of March… Twelve bloggers over Twelve Days will participate each day in a different project to be featured each day. I am on March 01, so please do remember to stop on in and see what lucky project I’ve made this weekend for ya’ll… maybe even a little freebie will be passed along also… you just never know ya know… 🙂 — got ahead of myself here a bit, my day is near the end of the month, we are all talking about it during the first of the month.. 🙂 Maybe I’ll give you a little peeker on March 01… 🙂

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On A Side Note..

Seams To Be Sew Logo

Seams To Be Sew LogoJust a little bit of news here.. I was hoping to post it this past Wednesday, but just totally didn’t have the time to write a post.

Several things, Debbie Kratovil and Esther Aliu have opened Facebook pages, Debbie’s is located here. Esther’s is here. Esther has also moved her yahoo group to Facebook and that group link is here. If you are following their block of the months, you may want to like the pages so you know when they update. Esther’s botm blocks are now available in her Facebook group, so you might want to join that group in order to keep apprised of the updates also. She has noted that for those of you who don’t like Facebook she will be posting the downloads on her blog also, thus, you can subscribe to her blog if you don’t like Facebook.

Sentimental Stitches is doing a fun year long giveaway of her previous vintage patterns, which she is calling Tuesday’s Treasures. The patterns will be available thru 2016. It is located here.

Last month, I was honored to be asked to do a guest post on the Quilting Focus blog site, and I thought I’d post a note about it, if you are interested in reading what my 5 favorite tools are for quilting, have a look at the post here.

For those of you who use cutting machines, I’ve added an updated tutorial for SVG sizing on my page here. It covers how to size in Silhouette Cameo, Make The Cut, and Sure Cuts Alot. It is a video tutorial, it does show some comparison sizing. It is at the bottom of the page.

and last.. but certainly not least…

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Do You Know The Quilting Queen?

Doris Rice

Doris RiceI do, and she is a great lady. Doris Rice has been someone I’ve known since my first blog hop that I participated in with Madam Samm at Sew We Quilt. She always makes the most wonderful blog hop projects, and she is a quilter who’s blog I follow regularly.

Doris has recently opened a pattern shop on her blog, and I thought I’d send you a little note about it. She’s got some very nice patterns in her shop. They are not digital, so she will be mailing them to you.

I hope you will stop by and see them, perhaps purchase one or two of them and enjoy her quilts.

I’ll be back thursday with the start of Nuts About, and yes, we’ll be seeing Doris in the blog hop and her wonderful project… so let her know you stopped by if you visit and be sure to send her a Hiya.

Enjoy your day,


I found a cute QAL today..

Hillside_QALDo you ever get on the web in your browser to do something and end up spending hours because you saw something else over and over again that interested you?

This happens to me more often than I care to admit. However, once in awhile I come upon something I’d like to share and today I found something I thought I’d like to share.

Those who know me, know I do not use cell phones, so Instagram and Twitter are services I don’t even subscribe to. The Hillside Houses Quilt-A-Long that I found today is via Instagram however, although she is also posting the pdfs on her blog for those who don’t want to use those small smart screens. I happened upon this QAL today quite by accident when I clicked on a blog logo for it at someone else’s site.

I love Quilt Alongs, they are like mini blocks of the month, usually starting and finishing within six to eight weeks. If your not careful, they can come along and start and finish before you ever know they were even posted. I try to visit blogs I like every day, but some people like myself don’t blog every day either. I also don’t always find “subscribe” buttons, or ways to follow some blogs and of course it’s just not possible to follow every single blog. Since I don’t use blogger as my platform for my blog, I also don’t get to see all the cool stuff happening over on those blogger blogs easily without an email and I don’t always get those blogger emails subscribers in my email to read about. This is why I wish other bloggers would use something like blogluvin, or feedly, or even Networked Blogs. I have a feedburner logo on my own site, but I have no idea if it even works or not.

Either or, this post isn’t suppose to be a rant.. 🙂 It’s suppose to be about a cool cute little Quilt Along I happened upon today over at Pretty Little Quilts. She’s already into the first 5 blocks, with two more posted to Craftsy today, but there are still five more blocks to go. She is posting the pdfs to Craftsy, and they are free, so that you’ll always have access to them once the QAL is over. So go on over and show her how much you like this QAL by leaving a comment.

Have a great day!!