Last Post of 2017, Last Free Pattern of 2017… Time For A New Year… Best of 5 Posts…

Winter Olympic Games Block 04

It is hard to believe that another year has passed by so darn quickly. It seems just like yesterday that I was writing the first post of this year which was a “Best of 5 Posts” also and participating in the linky party that Meadowmist Designs hosts each year. I met some wonderful quilters and bloggers thru doing that, so this year I definitely wanted to participate again.

2018 marks a big event for my blog, it will be my 5th year as a blogger and in my wildest dreams I never even once thought I’d still be around for 5 years let alone loving it so much. I love love love blogging, Continue reading

12 Days of Presents – Day 12

Poinsettia 02

Poinsettia 03It is amazing how fast these days go by, it always feels like a “hurried” part of the year when December rolls around and I knew when I started this three years ago it had the potential to stress me out. Over the years, the only thing that seems to stress me out is the hurried nature of it all, people rushing to get that certain gift, crying when they are told “wait for Santa” (I so remember those familiar words spoken by my parents) the rush to get the tree up, decorations, cookies and candies made, and by our own nature, we either just soak it in, or we stress out about it. This year, my only stresser was day 2, and the wedding… I wondered if I was going to be able to keep up. Well… for the most part I have. I held off posting this morning until now because my hosting service was doing routine maintenance last night and it was very slow trying to write the post, so I finally said to myself, awwww Screw It and went to bed.

Today’s pattern is one of my favorite things about Christmas… A beautiful Poinsettia. I wish it were real so you could have the scent also, but the 9-inch free pattern will just have to do. I hope you love it as much as I do.

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12 Days of Presents Day 11

Pattern 04

Pattern 04My apologies for the very late in the day posting. I was not able to get on the internet, the good news is that Comcast has been here today and hopefully fixed the problem. We were gone for a bit this evening so I haven’t been able to get this posted until now.

Today’s lovely pattern is one of my newest continuous line designs for hand and free motion quilters. I need to test the machine embroidery designs still so they haven’t been released as yet, but I think you will really love this set of borders and corners.

Today’s Free pattern is pattern 04 in this set in the 3-inch border size.

Because I am late, this file will remain free thru Sunday night at 10pm mst, I will then remove it from Payhip.

You do not want to miss Monday’s Day 12… I saved the very best for last…. well I think it’s my best pattern of this 12 days… 🙂 Hopefully you will all tell me you love it to 🙂

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12 Days of Presents – Day 10

Dual Gifts...

Dual Gifts...This is a pretty quick pattern to make today. Simple and Fun, you can easily make this into a photo frame, tags, or small ornaments.

There are two patterns in the pdf, one is for a tall frame, and the other is for a wider frame. I hope you’ll find these as cute as I do.

My internet was down for a bit this evening, and I have yet to be to bed as I was waiting for it to come back up, so this is a short post so that I can hit the hay…

The full pattern of these frames come with 5×7 and 7×5 sizes along with the SVG cutting files.

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12 Days of Presents – Day 09

Penguin 02

Penguin 02

One of the hardest things for me when creating a pattern is trying to decide on sizes for each pattern I create.

I never know if I’m creating the right size for what is good for someone else. That’s why I will resize a design for people when they ask.

In this pattern today, the sizes I created for it are 5×7, 7×9, and 9×11, the hard part is should I make it larger? With it being the shape of a Matroyshka, I wanted to create it in various sizes so you could do each one if you chose to create this pattern as Matroyshka’s. With three patterns it may be enough, but if you wanted another size, I hope you will feel free to ask.

The free pattern is offered in the 7×9 size only. The full pattern comes with all three sizes and SVG cutting files to make cutting easier.

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12 Days of Presents – Day 07 and 08 Now Released…

Santa and Rudy

SSanta and RudyI thank you all for your patience yesterday and this morning, we didn’t arrive home until late in the afternoon and I needed a bit of a nap once we arrived.. We picked up the dog, and then I got to work on finishing up this post and the patterns. I’ve had issues with getting images to show as I was writing this post, it’s still not working so I had to write this post manually then paste it into the browser editor… I am unsure what is wrong with wordpress today, but I will figure it out. At this point I just want to get this post posted.

Today, I will present day 7 (yesterday Monday December 11, 2017) and today’s Day 8.

Please note, both patterns are free in the 7×9 size only.

I believe the comment problem is now fixed, ty for alerting me.

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12 Days of Presents – Day 6

Snowman Faces

Snowman FacesI don’t do many snowmen patterns and I’m not sure why not, I love the shapes, they are fun to do and part of the winter scenes that I dearly love.

This fun pattern is available in 3 sizes, 9×9, 12×12, and 15×15. The free pattern is available in the 9×9 pattern only. No machine embroidery designs or cutting files are available with the free pattern but they can be purchased with the full pattern.

The artist for this pattern is from Graphics and Graphics.

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