A Fresh Snow…Finally My Day…

A Fresh Snow Blog Hop

And sadly.. I have nothing… literally, I hate to blame it on the move, but I have not been able to finish a single solitary thing for this hop.. When we got our things I was so excited to finally have everything again, but I forgot that perhaps my hubby … Continue reading

A Fresh Snow Day 03 It’s Looking Rainy Today…

A Fresh Snow Blog Hop

Hi Everyone, I would take rain, the little sprinkles falling on the ground, the dance of the leaves, grass, and ground enjoying the wet wonderful water.  Today is the 3rd day of the A Fresh Snow Blog Hop and didn’t you just love the projects yesterday, oh my gosh, I … Continue reading

A Fresh Snow Day 02 – Still No Snow :/

A Fresh Snow Blog Hop

Here we are in the middle of January, and we still have no snow… This is Colorado people, known for it’s infamous ski resorts, I live so close to them I can literally taste the snow on the top of Pikes Peak and yet… down at my house, there is … Continue reading

A Fresh Snow Day 01 – and sadly, no snow today here in CO :/

A Fresh Snow Blog Hop

Well it’s still dark outside as I write this post this morning… and est time is 6:13 am… It’s very quiet here in the mornings, my hubby is still up in bed and I’ve got a few moments to get this post written very quickly for you. I’m so excited … Continue reading

A Fresh Snow Schedule and Quilt Qwazy Queens 2017

A Fresh Snow Blog Hop

It’s that time of year again… today I’m writing you with a preview of the schedule for A Fresh Snow.. the blog hop coming in just 9 more days now. I hope you will enjoy this fresh look on Winter with projects that are featured by not only using cotton, … Continue reading

Wooly Block Adventure… Are You In????

Wooly Block Adventure

Have you heard of the Wooly Block Adventure?  Created by the same people who also coordinate the Row By Row Experience, it’s a fun smaller event that is in its infancy. I believe it’s in it’s second year, where earlier this year it had less than 50 shops participate. They … Continue reading