More New BOTMS, Wooly Block 2019, and other Events…

12 Days 2019

Coming October 1st is my all time favorite event for the year. Please don’t get me wrong, I love Block of the Months, Quilt Alongs, and other fun events that go on thru the year, but the one I’ll call a “temporary” event is the Wooly Block Adventure Event. Since I found out about the Wooly Block Adventure event in 2016, and was actually participating in it during our move back to the states that year I have thoroughly enjoyed this event. I got to do a bit of pay if forward with this event in 2016 when I visited shops to pick up kits for others and then ship the kits to them as they had been so kind as to send me Row by Row experience patterns and kits in 2015 and 2016.  In 2017, this event went to an online event. I was ecstatic. I knew at the same time we’d see a huge drop in shops that would participate because they are so against online stuff that they just refuse to participate. I’ve been told this by my own shops here in Colorado Springs. The following year in 2018, there was a large drop in shop participation, I was actually worried we wouldn’t see this event in 2019. Thank goodness, Janet must love this event as much as I love the row along each year because once again we have Wooly Block 2019. This year’s theme is Holiday Celebration and from the blocks they are now showing on the Facebook Wooly Block page, we are in for some absolutely gorgeous blocks.

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New BOTM Found…A Pattern Sale…and Other News…

Once Upon A Story Row Along

Once Upon A Story Row Along

If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you might visit on a semi-regular basis. A huge Thank You for that. I appreciate all of you.

As you know we are about three weeks now before the row along starts and lots of things are happening behind the scenes here at Seams To Be Sew. Over the last few days, I have mainly been working on my blog to bring you a special treat come the start of the row along. After all, it’s 5 years of row alongs in the making and quite frankly I thought it might be fun to do something a little special for it.

I’ll be posting soon also about the great giveaways our sponsors for Once Upon A Story are giving away during the 5 year Row Along celebration, there are some wonderful prizes coming your way. I know many of you are looking forward to the row along this year.

I will also be posting all the designers who are participating this year in the coming weeks.

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The Wayback Machine and 5 New BOTM/SAL’s Added…

Hi Everyone, I’ve a little bug going on with my site at the moment, it has to be due to some of the wordpress updates lately. I’m working to try and find it. It seems to affect older pages on this site and not the newer ones tho, but if you try reloading the page you may see it also, it kinda looks like the path to the images. The bug affects all images, so I’ll be testing my plugins over the next few days to see which are current and which aren’t. I’m hoping it’s a simple problem like that and nothing else. 

Today I came to my blog to add some edits to the BOTM page for 2019, at least two BOTMs have finished and 4 more are starting or have started and I wanted to get them posted to you today. I realized pretty quickly that my sidebar stuff was gone, all that was there was the search bar, and the social icons, everything else was gone. One of the things about WordPress is that when you even switch a theme, the one backup you should make over everything else you also have to back up is your widgets on your Continue reading

Welcome To My House Blog Hop Starts Today…

welcome to my house

welcome to my houseI just love blog hops, they are so much fun, and something fun to visit when your waiting for the next row along patterns to come along. This week, my dear friend Carol at Just Let Me Quilt is hosting the Welcome To My House blog hop. This blog hop will surely give you some inspiration in seeing how other bloggers incorporate fun houses into there projects and quilts. So go on, check out the schedule and join in the creativity with the other bloggers. Perhaps you will become inspired you to create your own treasure.

As a small note here… I am currently working on TTNBC blocks 15 and 16, hoping for a weekend release…

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2018 Web Event’s Around The World

2018 Around The Web

2018 Around The WebThere are many things that bring quilters together, but one of the funnest each year is a block of the month, or a quilt along, row along or any other event that captures our imagination and creativity.

Whether you participate in a class at your LQS or one from a blog on the web, they are totally fun and enjoyable. From Mystery Quilts to Pieced and Applique, a block of the month around the web or in your LQS varies depending on what the teacher/designer/blogger wants to do. Some will give you a tutorial, some will write out the full pattern on the post page for the block, some will give you a pattern to download and like me, assume you know what you’re doing. As an applique designer and so many ways to applique, I create my patterns so depending on your favorite technique you can do what your most comfortable with. Each of these bloggers who are featured also does so.

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Halloween Haunts Day 5 – Oct 22

Halloween Haunts 2015

Halloween Haunts 2015

Did you visit the blogs yesterday? OMG.. I was sew sew blown away, so many goodies, and so many cool ideas. From Scarecrows and pumpkins, to skulls, hands and plain quilts into spectacular quilts it was a blast of a day. I sure hope you didn’t miss it, but if you did, you can find the schedule here to view each site.

Did you know we have a Pinterest Group for Halloween Haunts, Come on over and visit us at PInterest.

Did you remember to get all your entries in for the Fat QuarterShop Gift Certificate? How about for my Ghoulish Hand Series, did you pick up Monster 04? Monster 05 is here today and Monster 01, thru 04 will now cost $1.00 if you missed them.

Featured Haunts On Thursday October 22
—> Quilt Shop Gal <—
—> Jane’s Quilting <—
—> U Can Quilt 2 <—
—> RMS Handcrafted <—
—> Everyone Deserves A Quilt <—
—> Life In The Scrapatch <—

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Halloween Haunts Day 3 – Oct 20

Halloween Haunts 2015

Halloween Haunts 2015

Day 2 of Halloween Haunts was full of great projects, we even had a tutorial on how to make a flashing hoop, to Sunbonnet Sue, some bats and trees, see-through ghosts and sketched pumpkins. Did you see Day 2? I sure did and if you didn’t, it’s not to late to go back and see them. All directly linked to the pages, visit here for the schedule.

Day 1 was equally as good, and you know how it goes, if you get behind, it’s hard to catch up, so if your behind, try to get caught up.. you want to hopefully enter some giveaways also, and even catch a pattern or two along the way.

Did you remember to get all your entries in for the Fat QuarterShop Gift Certificate? How about for my Ghoulish Hand Series, did you pick up Monster 02? Monster 03 is here today and Monster 01 and 02 will now cost $1.00 if you missed them.

October 19’s, Fat Quarter Shop $25.00 Gift Certificate Winner Is:
Lisa Marie who won with her comment at Gracie Oliver Arts


October 19’s, Ghoulish Hand Pattern Winner Is: 
Entrants Are Asked to Tell Me In Three Words Or Less Why They Love Halloween.
Carol DeLater
with Ugly Scary Witches


Featured Haunts On Tuesday October 20
–> Quilt In Piece <–
–> The Quilting Queen Online <–
–> Elizabeth Coughlin Designs <–
–> Apple Avenue <–
–> Quilt Doodle Doodle <–

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