Grow Your Blog Ends – Winner Announcement



I’d like to thank all of you who took the time to visit my blog during the Grow Your Party Blog Hop.

Of the 26 comments (that’s how many there were when I removed my comments)

Lucky Recipient #20 is our winner.

That person is


I will be contacting you to confirm your email after I finish this post.

If you should see the post, please check your email. I want to confirm, before I purchase your gift certificate to be sure it doesn’t bounce or get thrown into junk mail.



Hugs n Kisses Blog Hop

Hugs & Kisses Blog Hop

Hugs & Kisses Blog Hop

It’s here and so is the schedule, pretty exciting if you ask me, I’m looking forward to each day with anticipation. I can’t wait to see you at each site, and I hope I’ll see you here when it’s my day.

The best part about this hop is knowing each of us who participated contributed to helping someone get a new sewing machine so they to can create beautiful quilts. This was my second donation to this great little cause and I’m proud to be part of it still today.

Here’s the schedule for those of you who may like to see it. I’ll update this post each day of the hop.

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Welcome To She Who Sews at Seams To Be Sew

She Who Sews Hi and Welcome, Today I am participating in the She Who Sews Blog Hop. I’ve created several things for you to see today. First, A HUGE thanks to Madam Samm and Carla for organizing and cheering us on for this very fun Blog Hop, and to the sponsors, a huge thank you for your wonderful prizes.  I love being in Blog Hops and love the learning experience each has taught me. This blog hop in particular, allowed me to experiment a bit in creating my own project, completely designed by me. I’ve never created a “book/bag” before and this really isn’t a bag… Continue reading

Grow Your Blog Welcomes You, It’s great to have you here today!!

Gift Certificate - Fat Quarter ShopHello, and Welcome to my little spot on the web. I am participating in the Grow Your Blog Hop today and what a fun treat to be one of over 500 sites being visited today. I’ll be making a few visits myself to other sites, and it should be alot of fun for all involved.

Just for visiting today, one lucky recipient will receive a $10.00 gift certificate from the Fat Quarter Shop.

This gift certificate will be emailed directly to you at the moment I purchase it. Please be sure that you leave me a way to contact you today.

To enter the drawing for the gift certificate, all you need to do is leave me a comment on this page. It’s that simple, no need to “follow” me, no need to answer any questions, or tell me your favorite somethings or why the sun sets and why the sun shines.. LOL Just let me know you were here today is it.

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Coming Soon – 2 Blog Hops running Concurrently .. WOOOO

Don’t Let The Door Stop You She Who SewsIt’s gonna be a busy time for all involved. Being in one blog hop alone can make you slightly crazy and I still have no idea how Madam Samm and her cheerleaders always pull it off so well. They are simply amazing. The next Blog Hops I am participating and yep, I’m in both running concurrently, and thank you’s to the leaders and cheerleaders who didn’t put me both on the same day!!! I can tell you, I was plenty worried with the She Who Sews Hop, because my fabric had not arrived when I thought it would in December, but it has arrived now (January 2 actually) and my projects are officially done and ready.  I do believe this is actually the first time I’ve had both projects done well ahead of time, but then it was pretty easy as I knew what I was going to do the moment I saw the guidelines for each hop.

If you’d like to see the schedules for each hop, they are always available here, but if you’d like to view them individually, you can find them on their respective pages. She Who Sews and Don’t Let the Door Stop You.

I have bolded the days in which I am adding my post, but in case you want to know right up front, I’ll show up on February 6, for She Who Sews and for Don’t Let the Door Stop You, my day is January 30, 2014.

Be sure you stop in to see all the great folks who’ve made something special for these hops, I will have give-aways both days as well.