Final List of Winners For Row Along … and Other News…

Once Upon A Story Row Along

Once Upon A Story Row Along

Hi Everyone!!! Hope you had a great weekend. I spent in mainly working on touching up Sue and Sam releases scheduled for later this week. Yes, I intend to finish them up early next year with releases from now on every 2 weeks. As for Twas The Night, same thing, a release every few weeks until it’s done. I am shooting for late November but it should be done by then. I know you have waited so very patiently for me and I’m going to do my best to meet my goals for these two botms. I also want to finish them.

Also, an upcoming QAL in November that you won’t want to miss inside this post.

Next, the final list of winners for the Row Along

September 24, 2019

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Creating Layouts In EQ8 With Photos

My first EQ8 tutorial since it came out and it’s longer than even I’d anticipated it was going to be. I really edited out a lot of stuff to get it to an hours length, so I do apologize that it’s lengthy, but you all know I try to give as much info as possible. I’m not one who makes tons of 2 minute videos so you can watch 50 different pages of videos on the same thing or in parts, I like to get it all in the same video, so my video lessons always tend to run long.

This lesson features Creating Custom Layouts in EQ using photos. What I did was download the pictures from the posts of the designers who participated in the row along. I then used those photos to create a layout with sashing. This video lesson takes you thru the entire process from creating the layout, to editing photos, adding photos to EQ, placing the rows, placing sashing, coloring, printing and adds bits and tips along the way. I am not as proficient in EQ8 as I am with EQ7, so there are a few burps, but tried to fix those in the editing of the video by adding text notes to the video.

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Once Upon A Story Show And Tell Day ….

Once Upon A Story Row Along

Once Upon A Story Row AlongIt’s that day of the row along when we showcase the projects made from some of the rows. This is the last day of the row along and it’s always a difficult day for me to write the last post. 

First, and foremost a HUGE thank you to the designers, I can’t do this without your participation and it’s your creative spirit and your willingness to give away a free pattern that always makes this event a success.

To the sponsors, you are just as important, Thank you so much!!! We use your products and your willingness to giveaway products also brings quilters to our sites.

To you our visitors, we do this for you, hopefully you find a blog or two you like, perhaps more, perhaps you even find some blogs to follow. IMHO, one of the best things about quilting on the web today is the men and woman who decide to open a blog and talk about there quilting adventures. Perhaps offer some knowledge or how to’s on performing certain techniques.

Show and Tell’s Featured Projects

Just Let Me Quilt
Words & Stitches
Duck Creek Mountain Quilting
Ursula Prandtstetter at Tuning My Heart Quilts
Elizabeth Coughlin Designs
Linda B Creative
Charlie’s Daughter at Bobbin In Quilts
Seams To Be Sew – Creating Layouts Tutorial

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My Original Row For Once Upon A Story….

As a child I absolutely loved Nancy Drew mysteries. I would beg for each new book at birthdays and Christmas… When I was old enough I would buy them for myself… At one time I could honestly say I owned every single book… can’t say that anymore, but I still own every single book I had from my childhood and into my teen and young adult years.

However, that’s not the design I chose to create since Nancy isn’t really a fairy tale or a nursery rhyme, but the only other book I can recall absolutely loving the story of was… The Jungle Book and this is the design I’ve chosen to do this year. Who amongst us hasn’t seen the Disney movie of this wonderful fairy tale. Even today it is still a favorite to watch.

Part of the fun in picking this story is all the fun you can have creating the design. There are so many ways to go with it and just choosing this part of my pattern was not easy to do. I didn’t just create this pattern but an entire project because I couldn’t stop with just the gorilla…

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Once Upon A Story Day 10…

Once Upon A Story Row Along

Once Upon A Story Row Along

Today is the last day for designers to release there patterns. After today, no other patterns will be released. It is possible that on Show and Tell day a pattern or two may popup for a giveaway as we do have some giveaways left still… The big one tho is from C&T Publishing, a whopping $100.00 gift certificate, so you’ll want to be sure and visit for show and tell day next Tuesday to enter that giveaway plus the other few that are left over. Show and Tell day is always a fun day to visit as we see what the different designers did with there patterns or if they created something with the various designer rows.

Todays Featured Designers Are:

Clever Chameleon | Sew Incredibly Crazy | Miss Loreen’s Schoolhouse
Seams To Be Sew

Today’s giveaways will end next Tuesday October 8, 2019

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Finally, My Post For Today Is Ready…

Once Upon A Story Row AlongWoW, can’t believe I came to finish this post this morning and everything I’d written was gone, just disappeared into the nothingness…. so… I’ve had to re-write everything..

We had quite a few issues this morning on the other blogs participating today, please see my other post for those issues that have been fixed.

Now, for the reason I am posting today…. Back when I started going about changes I wanted to make for the row along this year, I had decided to make the size change. I love how it has worked out and am very happy with all of the rows we’ve seen thus far and the rest to come. I had created some layouts and posted them to the designers group for them to mull over. After the theme was chosen, Paula at Mountain Meadow Designs wrote me and asked if she could do some filler rows in addition to her normal row. I said sure… As she was telling me her ideas, I got to thinking that one of her ideas would be wonderful also done in machine embroidery designs. I asked Paula if she minded if I did some of these for those of you with embroidery machine and she was fine with it. Thus, the reason you’ve come to my post today.

Today, my post is all about machine embroidery. If you don’t have an embroidery machine, you won’t find much value in my post and there is no download for you unless you own a sewing machine with an embroidery arm or an embroidery only machine.

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Once Upon A Story Row Along… Day 09

Once Upon A Story Row Along

WoW, just two more days and we’ll be done. It just goes by so quickly and where did 2019 go btw… I can’t believe we are in October already. It’s like it was January 1st yesterday and the 9 months of the year flew by in just 24 hours.

My hubby is away this week on a business trip and you’d think I’d be thrilled to have the time to myself. Once upon a time, that would have been the case. I am amazed at how I’ve grown over the years to value my time with him more and more. Just this past August we celebrated 35 years of marriage and I wonder where did all that time go to and yet I can remember each year with all the memories that come flooding in my brain at times. I was just reminding Frank this morning of a story I was thinking about when our niece was visiting us in  Italy. We were right in the middle of moving to the base from a city 40 miles from the base and a cow appeared in our back yard. Somehow the front gate of our house had opened and the cow managed to come thru the gate, walk down the very long drive way, and ended up in a back yard that was literally a hill. We normally took stairs to go into the back yard, but there was a hill also and we figure the cow must have walked down the hill. It took quite some coaxing to get that cow out of the backyard, but it finally happened. Either or, that’s not what your really here for…

Today’s Featured Designers Are:

Carole Andrews | Charlie’s Daughter at Just Let Me QuiltMountain Meadow Designs
Seams To Be Sew | Duck Creek Mountain Quilting

Please note Carole Andrews  giveaway entries can be entered here today also.

For Carole Andrews‘s pattern, is now available for download. Thank you for your patience today on this.

If you have issues commenting at Mountain Meadow Designs, please consider trying a different browser, I know for me in Firefox I couldn’t comment on her blog, but could in a chrome based browser. You can also leave your comment here to enter the giveaway also.

If you’ve been to Just Let Me Quilt earlier this morning, the Northcott giveaway is now on the post, please go back and enter.

Duck Creek Mountain Quilting has had some issues with the comment area on her post, she believes the issue is now fixed. If you tried to comment and couldn’t, please try again.

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