The Road Home Giveaway Winners and a Thank You!!….

Road Home Row along

Road Home Row alongIt’s a little difficult to write this post. I’ve been working on it most of Wednesday and now I’m on Thursday and I still feel like I’m going to forget someone.

First, and foremost, all of the bloggers who so kindly gave up their own time, and created such beautiful patterns. Thank you so much, it’s an honor to work with all of you, you are truly talented and each in your own way very creative people who I’ve not only learned from, but dreamed of my home with.


To all the sponsors, we couldn’t offer the wonderful giveaways/sweepstakes without your generosity. Your spirit of giving away your products helps us learn more about what you offer and even entices us to buy them on our own.

Fat Quarter Shop
Busy Hands Quilts
Calibre Art
Connect The Blocks
Anita Goodesign
Kathy McNeil
Electric Quilt
Quilters Dream
Robert Kaufman
Nancy’s Notions
P&B Textiles
Red Rooster Fabrics
Washington Street Studio
Barbara Dieges
Martelli Notions
Northcott Fabrics
Batts In The Attic

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The Road Home Show and Tell Day…

Road Home Row along

Road Home Row alongIt’s the last day of this event, the one event I’ve looked forward to all year and now it’s finally done. It’s been six weeks since we started and it’s flown right by.. I so wish we were having another week or two, but.. all good things do have to end and we are walking right into Halloween soon with Eerie Nights coming in just 9 days. In 9 days, I could possibly already be in the USA even living in a hotel until we find our permanent home to move into… It’s just flying by… soon, I’ll be flying home…

I hope you’ve enjoyed the Road Home Row Along as much as I have. I’d like to ask you, I’m looking for ideas for next years row along theme. What do you think? Christmas? Halloween? Sewing? Animals? any thoughts? Please leave a comment.

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My Show and Tell…

Road Home Row along

stbs-quilt-layout-lesson-pngTalk about flopping… this is the biggest one yet… I just didn’t finish, period, end of story, so instead I created tutorials to help you with your layouts. Yesterday I posted the lesson for Electric Quilt here, and today I’ve posted one for those of you who may not own any quilting software. Yes, we have all the old-fashioned ways to do things, but once in awhile those of us who have learned how to use our PC’s may like to play and have some fun on our PC’s by creating a quilt layout.

This lesson uses Inkscape to help you create your layout.

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Using Photos To Create Layouts with Row Patterns In Electric Quilt

October EQ Lesson

October EQ LessonThis lesson is based on the lesson Heidi at Electric Quilt showed us last year. It’s based on the same lesson but is different because it uses photos of rows, with border stripes and panels to show you how to create a simulated layout of what your quilt may look like or the goal to achieve for finishing your quilt.

This lesson was created specifically for the Road Home Row Along, but also in conjunction with my lesson of the month for EQ’s 25th anniversary celebration. Other blogs participating are listed inside the post.

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The Road Home – Last Day For Rows… Next Week Show ‘N Tell

Road Home Row along

stbs-Road Home tall bannerBack on September 06, when we started this event which has really inspired so many of us, I had the idea in my head that I only had last year’s Row Along to place my experience on. This Row Along has led to many new challenges and some insight, learning new things and experiencing the thrill of seeing bloggers who’ve never created a pattern before come out and really show they can do it. It’s been wonderful and the rows have been absolutely amazing, but the best I think has been the stories behind the rows. I’ve enjoyed every single story and it has helped me to learn more about some of my favorite bloggers along the way.

Today, we will visit Oklahoma, Georgia, Maine, New Hampshire and the Mojave Desert.

Show ‘n Tell day is Tuesday, October 11, 2016, and we’ll have several bloggers who will show you the great things they did with these rows. Even I have not seen these projects, so it will be a special treat to see how some of the bloggers pulled Continue reading

Introducing Sarah and the Final Frontier…

Road Home Row along

Introducing Sarah...

Introducing Sarah, she is a 17 year old girl now who started taking sewing lessons from me early this year when I offered to help at the school. Sarah really fell in love with sewing. She has made many fun clothes for herself and her brothers and sisters since getting started back in January.

When I started working on The Road Home Row Along, Sarah just jumped right in and said she wanted to do her dream home. At the time I had no idea it would be a space row, but I showed her some artwork she could look thru and started showing her how to use Electric Quilt.

This is Sarah’s free row for you, she calls it Sarah’s Space – My Final Frontier, because she wants to live in space someday. Who wouldn’t want to… I would do it if it were possible, that’s for sure.

Sarah needs to earn some money for college, so her row has a few extra patterns that are not included in the base pattern. You may purchase these extras if you like all the money made from the sale of the extra’s pattern goes to her college fund.

Below you can see the extras.

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The Road Home RAL Day 9 – Come and Play….

stbs-Road Home

stbs-Road Home tall bannerThis event has passed by quickly, it’s hard to believe that we are on day 9 of this event, with only 2 more days to go.

Today’s stops are in Central New Mexico, The Netherlands, North Carolina, and Outer Space…

Please note:  Craftsy made some major changes to their site this past weekend with a total new site redesign. It has rendered some links to be not working. I’ll post below showing you how to find those links if you have problems.

If your planning to create one of the rows from our bloggers, there is just 2 weeks to finish so you can enter the FlickR giveaway.

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