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April 14 to 16, 2014

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Super Powers Are Here Today!!!

What Is Your Super Power?Now see, when I want to hide, what I created, I use the blog hop picture on my main home page.. 🙂 So you’ll have to step inside to see what I did.. hehehe

I’d like to thank Madam Samm, DMC and Pauline for sponsoring this Blog Hop.

Like some of you, I to have a hard time trying to decide what to do. Trying to decide what your super power is without really bragging about it is difficult.

However, I managed to find something I think I’m good at… so come on in and make my day!!!

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Little Treasures – April

2014-LT04My apologies for this block being as late as it is this month. So many things going on in my real life, plus a hard drive crash that held all my files on it which I’m still trying to recover. I’m thinking I’m doomed at this point and will have to just try and replace everything, and I know better, I am usually good at backing up, but I hadn’t backed up 2013 yet, so I lost anything I collected or did in 2013 and early 2014.

I’d like to thank those of you who left comments last month, it really meant something to me to hear from you.

This is a 15-Inch block.

This download is only available until May 5, 2014 only. Download will expire After that it will be available on Craftsy.

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Little Treasures – Slight Delay For April..

2014-LT04-small It’s just a slight delay, I will post it sometime tomorrow April 2, by the latest on the 3rd. I am having pc issues unfortunately and am needing to get into the tower to see if I’ve lost a hard drive.

In the meantime, the documentation is nearly done, but the documentation is in that drive. If I have to rewrite the documentation it will be done sometime tomorrow.

I am combining March’s bonus with Aprils block, so you will be getting 2 blocks for the month of April, however the bonus block is still a limited download period. I will post when it’s up.

Update, these blocks will be posted Thursday April 10, 2014.



Flags On A Stick – Who’d a thunk it!!

Flags On A StickWho’d have thought you could take this cool little fabric called Laminate and make a flag out of it, let alone buy a special ornament for your yard to display it in. I suppose with all the Christmas decorations or other holiday decorations that it was probably inevitable that someone would come up with the idea to decorate your lawn. Now, let me explain, I did not purchase the flag stand that goes in the ground. The reasons being that the Flags On A Stick’s website could not seem to let me get through the cart, and I gather that’s because I have a FPO address, which is a post office box located on the military base that we live on. It didn’t matter what frame I added to my cart, it would not let me check out. When I wrote them, they didn’t seem to know how to fix the problem, so, like any thoughtful customer, I went elsewhere and purchased my stand. It happens sometimes, even at Amazon, it won’t ship some things overseas, so it’s just something I’ve grown to know over the years. I did find a stand in the image to your left that you see at Garden House Flags. I really like it. There are also regulations for living in military housing such as no planting of flowers, trees, plants, or even a garden, so placing a flag stand in the ground would definitely be out as well. Perhaps that’s just here in Sicily, I don’t really know, but I like living in normal housing, so I couldn’t have put a stand in the ground anyway. Continue reading

I am dying for some Ruffles!!!

Frito Lay's RufflesEver since I signed up for this Blog Hop, I have been dying for some Ruffles. Those of you who’ve tried these luscious potato chips know what I mean. They are yummy. So I had to bring the ruffles to my day, perhaps then I’ll get over my craving for them. This wonderful blog hop with the theme of “Think Ruffles” is brought to you by the many blogs who’ve participated, Madam Samm, and Amy. I’ve never had a problem with ruffles or gathering when sewing and I don’t mind doing it. I’ve never been able to figure out the ruffler foot either and currently do not even own one for my current machines, so ruffling for me comes the old fashioned way. It’s pretty amazing when you think about it how much ruffles are really apart of sewing. It is common to see ruffles or some type of gathering for instance in Lingerie, many sleeves on garments are “eased” in with a light gather or “poofed” in with a heavy gather stitch. Back in the 70’s, the maxi-dress was very popular and the skirt was entirely gathered. You can’t go to a department type store without seeing a pillow that has a ruffled edge around it. I bet none of you can go into your closet without seeing some sort of garment that doesn’t have some gathering. Many techniques in sewing even give the appearance of gathering, such as elasticized items, or shirring, pleating, and ruching. So with all that said, here is what I created for the Think Ruffles Blog Hop. Continue reading

Little Treasures EQ Project Files Are Now Available

Electric QuiltEQ Project files for the Little Treasures BOM are now available online for purchase.

If you would be interested in owning the EQ project file for this BOM, you can buy them here.

You might ask, why would I buy this file when I can download the block for free.

First, you will always be able to replace the file without having to purchase it again by buying the pattern/block.

Electric Quilt files will allow you to:

  • Resize your block.
  • Place the blocks in a quilt layout.
  • Store the block In your block library.
  • Color the block with your own fabrics from EQ’s library of fabrics or your own fabric library.
  • Edit your block
  • Create new templates
  • Print the blocks
  • and so much more

Your purchase of this pattern is a digital download. If at any time you need to replace your file, I will gladly reset the download for you.

If you don’t own Electric Quilt, you are really missing out on expanding the abilities of your own creative juices. I would encourage anyone to purchase this software. Not only is it great software, but the support is excellent, there are many tutorials on the web showing you how to use it, and you can purchase additional addons to make quilting just that much easier.

Have a wonderful day!!