2014 BOMs

Little Treasures 2014

I’m very excited to bring you my very first BOM on my website.

Each block of Little Treasures will be posted on this page each month so you can easily find it.

A new block will appear every first Tuesday of each month. Click on the image to go to the link for each Little Treasures post.

You can read more about Little Treasures here.

BOMs Around The Web for 2014

I thought I would also feature here some of the other BOMs you will find across the web. If your offering a “Free” BOM, and would like to be featured here, please feel free to contact me. In other words, their must be an ongoing block  in your BOM that is Free during the length of your BOM.

Don’t Let The Door Stop You

Don’t Let The Door Stop You

Don't Let The Door Stop YouDon’t Let The Door Stop You

Sponsored by Sew We Quilt

January 27 to February 6, 2014

The day for my post is Bolded. Be sure you come and see us!!


Writing Documentation Is The Hard Part

Hi all, I have a post coming today for Tuesday’s Treasures, however, the documentation has me a bit bogged down at the moment. I need to run to the grocery store in about 30 minutes, so it’s going to be a few hours before I get back to the documentation. I had planned to post my Club EQ project for tomorrow and I may just “lump” them into both posts. My apologies for not getting the documentation done earlier. I have been working on improving my website all last week and just didn’t take the time to do it.

Please know, something is coming today that I don’t think will disappoint you,

Have a great day,


2014 January Little Treasures BOM

2014-01 Little Treasures January

2014-01 Little Treasures January

So, I’ve learned a valuable lesson, Don’t use the Glue Stick from Elmers that is colored. :/ Only the white.. It’s finally here, my new BOM for you and I’m very excited to present it to you. I hope you will like it as much as I do. This is a 15-inch block. However, you can cut this at a smaller width if you prefer to have your doll look taller in the end when your working on your layout. So, right off the bat, I know you’ll want the download. Here it is: Continue reading

Sew… Perhaps You’d like a Sneak Peek!!

What’s Up Everyone, are you coming into the New Year like it’s a brand new day and wanting a fresh start? For me, it’s just another day in my little house in Italy. I’m enjoying the breath of fresh air we had today with lovely 70 degree weather. It was a gorgeous day to go and get our car inspected.

That said, I thought I’d give you a little sneak peek at the coming BOM I will be posting next Tuesday. This is very special artwork to me. I have enjoyed Gabry’s artwork for years, she is a very gifted artist with a great talent. I love being able to offer this to you in an applique block of the month series.

I won’t tell you this BOM is for beginners, it’s not. There are many pieces with each block, but if you are a beginner, you can use the cool techniques I’m going to show you for this block of the month to help ease the transition in learning applique and making this quilt or wallhanging or whatever you choose to make with each months block.

My block of the month is called Little Treasures, it comes from the artist known to me as Gabry and her website where you to can see her beautiful artwork. It is located at Graphics and Graphics.

Wanna See!!! Are you ready 🙂 Come take a peak!!

Continue reading

Welcome 2014 – Happy New Year To You All!!

This wonderful artwork was provided by Madam Samm – Thank You!

This post marks the last time I’ll post in 2013, and the first time I’ll post in 2014. Right now for me, it’s 11:56 pm. By the time I add this post, it will be 2014 in my time. Most in the USA, will be just sitting down to dinner, or perhaps getting off from work, with the celebrating to begin hours from now.

It was definitely an interesting day for me, I was worried beyond belief. I had not received a single box/package in the mail since Thanksgiving. I had fabrics I needed for upcoming blog hops, and fabric for the BOM I am hosting on my site for 2014. I am still waiting on the background fabric for it, but I’m going to post it in a test background and then redo the block later until that fabric arrives. However, most of those things arrived today, but what a day for arrivals it turned out to be. Below is a picture of everything that arrived…

From the tea, to my new Ree Drummond Holidays cookbook, (She is great, doncha think) .. to my next tool tips post items, and my fabrics for the blog hops..

New Arrivals 2013-1231

Exciting isn’t it, marking pens, ribbons, new little scissors, christmas fabric, she who sews fabric, pellon, and in the box is the polyfil I need for the Don’t Let the Door Stop Blog Hop. Even the gelly roll pens (who doesn’t love these) that I wanted to try in my Silhouette Cameo arrived, to bad the pen holder didn’t get here at the same time.. 🙂 figures eh!!! But the cool stuff comes from eBay sellers. I love to order fabric on eBay, because more often than not, a seller will throw in a fat quarter or fat eighth as a thank you gift for purchasing from them.

Be sure to come back next Tuesday when I start my new Tuesday’s Treasures. It is my New Years resolution to post once a week.. LOL (can you say.. how long will that last?) hahaha, but I will be starting with new Little Treasures BOM and I am super excited about that alone.

Happy New Year my friends and thank you so much for stopping by this year and letting me share my little part of the web and my quilting world with you.

See, it’s now 12:07am 🙂

Best Wishes and Happy New Year