Sunbonnet Sam In Spain and Italy Released…

Sam In Spain and Italy

Sam In Spain and ItalySo today marks the release of Sam In Spain and Italy. I’d like to tell you why I made the choice to release these two together… Usually, when I choose which ones go up each month there is a reason behind it.

Here in Italy where I live currently, if you speak Spanish, you will find that the languages are very similar to each other. It’s interesting in that respect because Spanish is literally a second language to most of America now. When I tell people I live in Italy, it doesn’t surprise me that many wish to visit this beautiful country, I try to tell them what they shouldn’t do, and at the same time I like to mention that if they speak Spanish, they will do well speaking to Italians since the languages are so very similar. This is why I chose to put the two together for the release month.

Sunbonnet Sam in Spain is the 17th free block offered for the Sunbonnet Sue and Sam Travel the World botm and Italy is the 8th country to be released as a Flickr Reward block, making the Sunbonnet Sam in Italy the 15th Flickr Reward block offered.

This release also marks the voting for October on your choice of what should be released. Your choices are Egypt and India.

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Thermoweb Joins The Road Home Row Along.. Surprises and A RBR Link..


ThermowebOne of our favorite companies for fusible’s and interfacings is joining us with a wonderful bundle of their products for a giveaway during The Road Home Row Along. I’m very excited they are offering this giveaway and I think you will be too.

More news inside including a free pattern, and an RBR Link…

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Perfect Pairs – Pickles and Ice Cream Released

Pickles and Ice Cream

stbs-2016-PP Pickles and Ice Cream

WoW, Can you believe it, this is the Final Week of Perfect Pairs.

What a fun Summer it has been, doncha think? Fifteen patterns for this series have been released, starting with the Five Days of Opposites Attract Blog Hop, and each week a new perfect pair released.

The year sure is passing us by quickly isn’t it.

Today’s post offers a few surprises to.. 🙂

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Sunbonnet Sam Antartica and Australia – Released

Sam In Australia and Antartica

Sam In Australia and AntarticaNo excuses, just running late today..

Sunbonnet Sam Antartica and Australia are officially released.

The voting for September’s release is done and Spain was the clear winner.

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Perfect Pairs – Coffee and Donuts & A EQ Lesson Day!!

Your Guess Is As Good As Mine

Coffee and Donuts 3Today is your lucky day… I not only have for you the newest release for Perfect Pairs, but I also am releasing my newest EQ video.

Yes, Sir-ree… (I don’t think that’s how you spell it, but I’m telling Grammarly to leave it be) it’s the 10th of the month and that means it’s EQ Anniversary Lesson day. A once a month event I am participating in with Quiltshop Gal and several other amazing bloggers on the web who on the 10th of each month release a lesson for Electric Quilt.

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Perfect Pairs – Whipped Cream and Pie Released

Whipped Cream and Pie

Whipped Cream and PieWhile I’m not as late as I was with Sunbonnet Sue this week, I’m still not 100% over this back issue. Hopefully, soon, I have way too much sewing to do this month and no time to be down with back problems. I need a younger body. 🙂 Whipped cream and pie are not going to do that for me, but cherry pie is my all time favorite pie. I like other pies, but give me cherry any day of the week and I will most certainly enjoy it.

This pattern is a bit on the tedious side to put together, simply because of all the teardrops in the outside crust of the pie. The pdf explains some ideas on how you can obtain that part of the pattern done in a faster manner.

The free pattern includes only the 9-inch block. The full pattern includes 9×6, 9×9, 12×12 blocks with the machine embroidery designs and the SVG cutting files.

Artwork for Perfect Pairs is from JW Illustrations.

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It’s Sunbonnet Sue Antartica and Australia – Released

Antartica and Australia

Antartica and AustraliaI wish to take a moment and send a thank you to all of you who’ve been concerned about me over the last few days. I hurt my back last week, and it’s been and still is quite irritating. My doctor actually gave me some pills to help, but they also make me sleep, so their you go, patterns are late this week because I just couldn’t get to my desktop or sewing machine to do any sewing. At least now I am caught up again..

Sunbonnet Sue and Sam Antartica and Australia are officially released. This is also a voting for next month’s release of Italy or Spain. 🙂

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