Club EQ – December 2013 Blue & Green with Contest


Let It Snow

Let It Snow

O Holy Night

O Holy Night


Well it’s that time of the month again where I post my Club EQ entries for the month. December 2013 just ended and the theme this last month was to create a blue or green or mix the two colors together in your quilt. We could create our own quilt, or use the blocks within EQ. Being that I like to create my own EQ projects, as I find it challenging to do something no one else will do, I again created two wallhangings for this months challenge.

You can view all the participants for December 2013 here and the current challenge is here.

I was totally engaged in these projects, one had been created earlier in October and colored very differently, where as the other I created just for Decembers Club EQ challenge.

If you can guess the project that was created earlier, I will give you the pattern of your choice.

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Club EQ November 2013 – Broken Log

2014-10 stbs-broken-log-2It’s that time once again when I share with you my Club EQ project for November. Novembers EQ Club project was to take any block in EQ and “break” it or edit it, add something to it, change it.. From the entries for the month so far, it looks like some people had alot of fun. I know I did. For me, the Log Cabin is probably my most favorite of all time quilt designs. I love the versatility of creating layouts with the Log Cabin. Even when you take the most basic of layouts and really play with the colors, you can get a really interesting effect. I’m going to show you what I mean with a past project that I’ll share with you below.

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Club EQ October 2013

2013-10-Club EQ Diamond PatchThe Diamond Patch is the quilt I created for October 2013’s Club EQ. The idea of Club EQ this last month was to work on a quilt from a certain section known as Sashing and Cornerstones that is new to EQ7. There were some really amazing quilts created from this section. I personally had a difficult time with it, I do not know why nothing seemed to call to me. I have to be inspired to create a quilt. I can’t tell you how many times I have created a quilt, only to change it’s design, or the way it’s laid out. My favorite type of quilts to make are those in the style of log cabins. Not necessarily the log cabin itself, but where the design of the quilt gives you various layout options.

I can honestly say that I love seeing what other people come up with each month. It’s not only inspiring, but many times I’ll ask myself, how did they do that. I want to do that to. I hope you to will consider joining Club EQ, it can be challenging and it can be fun.

If you’d like to see the other entrants from October 2013, please visit them here.

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Club EQ for September 2013

Club EQ 2013-09-mpena-clubeqI am tickled pink with how my Halloween 2013 turned out. This was my project for September 2013.

What a fun project this turned out to be. It started out with just the ghosts, and expanded and expanded until I just couldn’t seem to stop.

The trick or treat block was done entirely using the eclipse tool and then edited in the drawing board.

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Club EQ August 2013

2013-08 God Bless The USA (Dark)2013-08 God Bless The USA (Light)I really love doing the Club EQ quilts each month. They are always fun and while they can be challenging, the whole idea is to learn something new or try something you haven’t done before.

Each month, I try to treat the challenge as a lesson for me to learn something new. It expands my knowledge and helps me to become better at using the software.

The August challenge is Patriotic Quilts. The idea of this quilt is based on a charity called Quilts of Valor Foundation which is based in the United States and gives quilts to there military men and women who are returning home from war. The quilt can be no larger than 60 x 80 and patriotic colors of red, white and blue are used throughout the quilt.

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Club EQ July 2013

2013-07-ClubEQ_Challenge_Modern_Dance 2013-07-ClubEQ_Challenge_Modern_Dance_with_quilting   The theme of this months Club EQ was Modern Quilts. Modern quilts are considered to be high in color contrast with big prints and solid colors. In some ways this is a challenge for me because I’m not someone who likes to use solid colors in quilts. In this quilt, I was trying to challenge myself to create a pieced border that flowed with the quilt design itself. I always love my quilts to have what I’ll call an interactive border. I think it looks cool to have the borders be different but still be part of the overall design versus adding “strips of fabric” to the outside part of the quilt area. To me, it helps the quilt flow better and the overall look seems to appear better. Not mind you that anything is wrong with strips of fabric borders, I’ve certainly used them for quilts I’ve made and to frame wallhangings, and other small quilted items. Continue reading

Club EQ June 2013

2013-06 SeaLife This months Club EQ quilt challenge was Landscape Quilts. Talk about a swirling of ideas. I could have created hundreds of quilts literally, the ideas were so heavily flowing in my mind. It was pretty much anything goes, pieced or appliqued. I finally settled on creating the Sealife quilt you see here. I would have probably done a second quilt, but this one pretty much took up all of my time for the month and I barely got this in on time. Why? Simply because everything in this quilt was drawn or traced by me.

This quilt features over 50 drawn objects. The mermaid alone took over a day to trace. There were objects drawn for this quilt that I couldn’t even fit into it, and at the same time, because I hope to redraw this quilt at some point hopefully featuring a bit more land so I can add some palm trees, or perhaps a lighthouse. I am hoping to create part of the borders with a sky.

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