More Tips On Send To Front & Send To Back

stbs-EQ Send To Front and Back Options

stbs-EQ Send To Front and Back OptionsAnother really old video all the way back from 2013 just sitting in my Video Manager at Youtube.. These are old, but the techniques are sound and still work just fine in EQ. I’m just an inexperienced video maker at that point. This video tho taught me alot about how cool the Send To Front and Back features of the software are. The artwork used in this video is from and the Holly and Berries pattern has been free on Craftsy since I first released it to my Facebook fans as my gift for 2013. You can also download the pdf, svg, and pj7 here

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Use Send To Front and Back 4 Fixing Outlines

Use Send To Front and Back 4 Fixing Outlines

Use Send To Front and Back 4 Fixing OutlinesThis is just a fun trick to fix an outline problem when outlines that may show up on the top of another shape. This happens when I forget to add the outlines after adding the next shape without adding the previous shapes outlines, so I end up having to fix the outline that is showing on top when it shouldn’t.

Sometimes when you do this, the outline your trying to send to the back doesn’t go to the back when you click on the new shape to send to the front, for some reason the outline wants to stay on top, so the video shows you how to correct this problem.

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Welcome To Winter My First Winter Row For EQ Seasons..

2015-Marian Pena-EQ Seasons-Winter 1

2015-Marian Pena-EQ Seasons-Winter 1

Welcome to Looking At The Snow!!

Artwork for this pattern is from Lisa Craig at Primsy Doodles.

Due to my internet being down last night, this post is late getting online. It looks like we are going to have more rain tonight, so I may not be back online until tomorrow.

I have created this row for you with two different fences, and each block is 10 x 9.

The pattern explains how to do all one fence type or both depending on your preference.

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It’s September 1st and The EQ Seasons Row-Along Has Finally Arrived….

EQ Seasons RAL Button

EQ Seasons Row AlongWay back on April 1st, 2015, I had been thinking about how  much I missed participating in Blog Hops. I love them, they are so much fun and not just because your creating a project to show off, but because you get to see the ideas everyone else comes up with. I have loved every Blog Hop I participated in. Each one is unique in it’s very own way.

I had been admiring Deanna’s Quilter’s Garden at the time and thinking how much I’d love to do a Row Quilt. So I wrote to Electric Quilt and asked them what they thought of allowing me to organize a Quilt Along with tutorials for Electric Quilt in a row quilt. They were very enthusiastic and granted me permission offering to help in any way they possibly could.

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Oh Holy Night – Week 4

2015 Nativity

Oh Holy Night Week 4This weeks Oh Holy Night’s patterns are the buildings. The Shed and The Inn.

Artwork for The Shed is from Ange Wenke.

When I originally chose this artwork for Oh Holy Night, their were some things in the artwork that I thought were missing. Like the trees of Week 3‘s patterns and the Landscape of Week 1 and 2. I have always said I can’t draw, and really I can’t, but I can doodle.

With Electric Quilt, I drew The Inn completely using the shapes in Electric Quilt to create it. When I draw, their are no drawings made on paper, it all comes from my head or ideas I’ve seen elsewhere and I just draw it on my own. I’ve seen many buildings in the background for nativities and I’m sure that I probably got the idea of it from those, but I really wanted to have a building based on the bible story of Jesus’s birth, so I added The Inn to this project.

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