How To Create Project Files In EQ..

How To Create Project Files In EQ

eqprojectsToday’s lesson comes from the idea that I was creating a project file and got to thinking about all the little things one should know before creating a project file. I’ve downloaded many project files from EQ’s own website where people have generously shared their projects or patterns and some didn’t have any info on the notecards. To me, sharing the info on the notecard is one of the most important steps in creating a file your going to share or sell. So I decided to create a video on creating project files in Electric Quilt.

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Creating Order When Duplicating In EQ..

Duplication Ordering

stbs-duplicationThis video lesson goes with my last one, even tho I made this months ago and it’s sat on youtube waiting to be made available. I’ve quite a few videos in que waiting to be available, I just always forget to make them available to everyone. So, I’m working now to release them as quickly as possible.

Anyway, this one talks about how important it is to create duplication in order when your duplicating more than one object. I hope you enjoy it.

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EQ – Is Drawing With A Stitch Order In Mind Important?


EQ_Stitch_OrderI’m sure it is something you think about when your about to start drawing or are drawing your blocks, but I’d like to show you the reasons that working with any type of stitch order while drawing is important.

This video gives you an idea of why drawing via how the block should be stitched together is important and changes you might have to make when you don’t follow a stitch order.



From EQ To PDF To Cutting File

The video is 22 minutes long. Currently, this lesson is available via video only. If you’d like it in images also, please leave me a comment.

What I forgot to mention in the video is that if your pattern is an applique pattern, you will need to reverse the pattern in EQ first to do this.

To reverse a pattern in EQ, do the following:

(In image only below)

Reverse In EQ 1

Press CTRL+A on your keyboard (for mac users, do whatever you do to Select All), or choose your Pick icon in your left toolbar and drag the entire design so it is completely selected.

You can also go to the Edit Menu and choose Select All.

Reverse In EQ 2

Click where it says “Flip left and right”

Reverse In EQ 3

Once you click the “Flip” icon, you’ll immediately see it has reversed the pattern.

The images in this lesson are derived from the Little Treasures May BOM 2014 with the artwork from Graphics and Graphics



How To Create Holes In EQ

Let's Make A HoleThis is probably amongst the coolest techniques I’ve learned thus far in EQ.

I’d like to first thank Barb Vlack for turning me on to this technique that she created as she says as long ago as possibly version 4.. so with that idea in mind, it should at least work in versions 5, 6, and I know for a fact it works in version 7 and maybe even beyond.

Creating holes in EQ until now has been what I consider impossible. The only way I could think of to do it was to place shapes over each other. I remember when I first asked about this, one of the tech support tried to explain their way of doing it, but I just didn’t get it. Until Barb sent me a sample project file, I too didn’t really understand until I looked at the project file. Once I did that, it was like a light bulb going off in my head.

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