EQ Photo Fun Blog Hop – First Day

Photo Fun Blog HopHello and Welcome,

Today I am participating in the EQ Photo Fun Blog Hop sponsored by Electric Quilt and Fun Threads.

I have to admit, this one had me a bit stumped, and then a hard drive failure wiped away all my work, I know I keep going on about it, but I’m still upset over losing that drive.. I absolutely love the idea of being able to work with photos, and it’s really nice that EQ has features that allows you to incorporate your photos into quilts you are trying to create.

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How to work with Heavily drawn areas in EQ!!

Working In Heavily Drawn Areas of EQ

Working In Heavily Drawn Areas of EQHello and Welcome,

I was working on the next block design for Fridays Faces when I realized I could do a lesson for you on working in heavily drawn areas of EQ. I had created a video back in December for this, but never uploaded it, and when I rewatched it I realized I don’t do that anymore, I prefer to move the lines. This video shows you how I do that. Enjoy!!

and see, if you take a look at the video, you’ll see a preview of Fridays Faces coming for February 28, 2014. Next tuesday also brings Little Treasures 03. Cya Soon!!

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EQ – Working With Small Areas When Drawing

EQ - Working With Small Areas When Drawing

EQ – Working With Small Areas When Drawing

Today I have a little tutorial for you to use for when your working in Electric Quilt. Hope you enjoy.

This tutorial delves into how to deal with closing the bezier curve when the drawn lines are to close in EQ.

This video is just barely over 3 minutes.

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It’s My Day For The Autumn Appliqued Animals EQ Blog Hop

2013-10 Fall Cow With Pumpkin2013-10 stbs-Fall CowIt’s been fun to create this pattern for those visiting this blog hop. I thought I picked a pretty simple pattern, but it turns out it was far more complicated than I thought it was going to be.

There are many parts to this pattern, the templates alone for the 12 inch block take up 3 pages in the pdf file.

Instead of creating a how to draw this pattern, I chose to do some helfpul hints for using EQ instead. These help me on a daily basis, and I hope you will enjoy the different videos I’ve created for this hop. I tried to keep them pretty small, but so far none are over 20 minutes long and most are less than 5 minutes.

Artwork for this block is from Diddybag.com

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A Lesson Learned – Reactivating Electric Quilt

eq7Today I was preparing to be away from my home tomorrow, and was installing EQ 7 on my laptop. It would be my 2nd pc install for the software.

I kept getting an error on my laptop and after trying to install and activate it 3 times, I finally gave up. Thinking what could possibly be the problem…

So I deactivated my EQ 7 install on my main desktop thinking, perhaps that is the problem. So then I tried to reinstall it on my laptop again and still got the same problem…

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Summer Stuff – Bea’s EQ Applique’D Animal Blog Hop – Butterfly

Butterfly LessonThis is my last block for Bea’s EQ Applique’D Animal Blog Hop, but is definitely not my last block to ever be made in EQ. This has been such a wonderful and a truly great learning experience for me. I’ve learned from the other bloggers who have also participated in this hop, and my deepest appreciation for your kind comments about the blocks I’ve done has been just really wonderful. Thank You so much. Thanks go to Bea for letting me join this Blog Hop, The tutorial at DoYouEQ called Tracing In PatchDraw, Electric Quilt who creates this software for us to play in. The Graphics Shoppe who’s images I used to create my blocks for this blog hop. Continue reading