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Road Home Row along

stbs-quilt-layout-lesson-pngTalk about flopping… this is the biggest one yet… I just didn’t finish, period, end of story, so instead I created tutorials to help you with your layouts. Yesterday I posted the lesson for Electric Quilt here, and today I’ve posted one for those of you who may not own any quilting software. Yes, we have all the old-fashioned ways to do things, but once in awhile those of us who have learned how to use our PC’s may like to play and have some fun on our PC’s by creating a quilt layout.

This lesson uses Inkscape to help you create your layout.

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Oh Holy Night – Week 4

2015 Nativity

Oh Holy Night Week 4This weeks Oh Holy Night’s patterns are the buildings. The Shed and The Inn.

Artwork for The Shed is from Ange Wenke.

When I originally chose this artwork for Oh Holy Night, their were some things in the artwork that I thought were missing. Like the trees of Week 3‘s patterns and the Landscape of Week 1 and 2. I have always said I can’t draw, and really I can’t, but I can doodle.

With Electric Quilt, I drew The Inn completely using the shapes in Electric Quilt to create it. When I draw, their are no drawings made on paper, it all comes from my head or ideas I’ve seen elsewhere and I just draw it on my own. I’ve seen many buildings in the background for nativities and I’m sure that I probably got the idea of it from those, but I really wanted to have a building based on the bible story of Jesus’s birth, so I added The Inn to this project.

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Oh Holy Night – Week 3

2015 Nativity

So, we are in Week 3 of the Oh Holy Night BOW.. Today, we’ll be covering the Tree patterns, and adding the borders. Oops!! I messed up the Palm Tree download, if you downloaded this before, it was a jpg file and should have been a pdf file. Please redownload it. Continue reading

Oh Holy Night – Week 2

Oh Holy Night Week 2

2015-stbs-2 half backgrounds 2015-stbs-2 half backgrounds-RrLandscapes are one of my most favorite quilt types. However, I had never made one until I started this Block Of The Week. The artwork itself for the nativity parts do not include a landscaping scene, but in order to place nativity shapes I really felt a landscape was necessary. I didn’t just want to place them in blocks and call it a day. So, while this lesson is what I would call time consuming, it is pretty easy to do. I mentioned last week the sources that could be used for creating your own landscape. This lesson is totally optional and you are free to go whatever route you wish to add your shapes to a quilt or wallhanging. This lesson is image heavy, with approximately 90 images, their is alot to show you in how to do this part of the wallhanging. Two pdf files are included in this lesson to download with, that give you exact shapes like the above images, however, I’m going to show you how to create your own with this lesson. Continue reading

Applique With A Fabric Folding Pen

clover fabric folding pen

clover fabric folding penEarlier this year, I was wandering around Amazon, buying some stuff, and I was looking at some of the sewing tools and I saw this fabric folding pen. Being curious, I did a search on google to see what it does. Suffice it to say, I was in for quite a surprise at what it can do. Their isn’t alot to find about this pen in terms of what people use it for, but the Youtube video gave me the idea that this pen would be perfect for applique. So I have tested it and tried it out and I can honestly say, I am in love. Seriously.

I used this technique exclusively to applique with the Oh Holy Night Block of the Week series, it was introduced during Week 2’s lesson.

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What Do You Prefer? Basting Ideas…

Basting Tools I am hoping this will be a new spotlight in my blog at least once a month I will post a “Tool Tip” about the tools we use in our quilting. These will consist of products I’ve actually used, use, and own. Last night I was reviewing a craftsy class I signed up for by Leah Day. I was reminded that I would like to try the Pinmoors she recommends. When I went to her website and saw the price, I nearly fainted, I couldn’t believe how expensive they were. So I went to Amazon.. my best shopping friend on the net. They to my own astonishment do not carry them. This really was a shock to my system, I can’t even remember the last time I couldn’t find something on Amazon if ever. I’ve been a customer for over ten years, so that was pretty surprising. So, off to, where I found a bevy of searches for the Pinmoors. The odd thing is that at the Pinmoors site, there are two things you won’t find at Leah’s site, first, the pinmoors are actually cheaper for the same amount, and you can order whichever color your heart desires. Well suffice it to say tho, I did not order any, they are just still to expensive for my cheapskate ways. I don’t consider myself a cheapskate, and I am a firm believer in the theory that you need the proper tools for the job. However, I have used safety pins for years and I like the good old fashioned safety pin type basting. In my first quilt, I used the thread type of basting, but I found it hard to deal with, because I must have used to large of a basting stitch. My first quilt was basted by hand, and quilted by hand. It was machine pieced. It wasn’t long after that I started looking for other solutions to make basting better for quilting. I took many classes for machine quilting and most of those women all used the hand basting methods as well. I then took a class where the teacher used safety pins and I was sold. I couldn’t even believe I hadn’t thought of it myself. So I purchased the proper safety pins and have never regretted it, nor had rust problems that other people seem to have. I do have the problems with the soreness after awhile, but I know when it’s time to take a break and when it’s ok to work again. Continue reading