Show and Tell Day For The My Happy Place Row Along…

My Happy Place RAL 2018

My Happy Place RAL 2018While today is the final day of this event… Events like this to me never really end because the future will come and hopefully you will make the patterns offered during this event and you’ll show us what you did with them. That’s why I do a show and tell day for this event because I would like to give you some ideas of what you can do with your rows.

Today’s designers have created something with there row, or rows from other designers. It’s always fun to see what they came up with and show off the patterns that were presented over these last six weeks.

Today’s Schedule

Words & Stitches | Upstairs Hobby Room
Elizabeth Coughlin Designs
Clever Chameleon | Creatin’ in the Sticks | Sew Joy Creations
Seams To Be Sew

The Winner of Electric Quilt 8 is K. Johnson
She won with her entry by visiting Barbara Dieges Shop.

Electric Quilt is offering a 20% off coupon until October 23, 2018 for any of there products except EQ Academy. This is a great discount if you’ve been thinking about purchasing or upgrading EQ, or even purchasing some of the addons. The coupon code is:


All other winners for Oct 2, and Oct 4 will be announced tomorrow morning in my post.

Today’s Last Giveaway Is For The Fat Quartershop
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A Fresh Snow…Finally My Day…

A Fresh Snow Blog Hop

Felted WoolAnd sadly.. I have nothing… literally, I hate to blame it on the move, but I have not been able to finish a single solitary thing for this hop.. When we got our things I was so excited to finally have everything again, but I forgot that perhaps my hubby would like his clothing, or I would like a better change of clothes, that the kitchen to needed to be unpacked. Over the years of living overseas, I have gotten slower in how I do things, and get them done, so unpacking has gone slowly.  I don’t even have my sewing machines up yet in my sewing room. I was lucky enough to have Joan from Moose Stash Quilting come for a day last week and she really got me in gear to get my sewing room up and running and over the weekend I managed to get my desktop in place. Then comes the process of having to transfer everything from the laptop to the desktop.. 

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Digitally Cutting Skylines or Detailed Shapes For Applique

stbs-TM Skylines 54

stbs-TM Skylines 54I’ve talked before about cutting machines and such, but I thought I’d shed some light on specialty techniques for cutting skylines or detailed shapes. In the Row By Row Experience, it is quite common to have rows that come in kits where the shapes are laser cut or precut for you. I can see why this is enticing you to purchase the kit, but did you know you pay a pretty high premium for those precuts? I have been pretty amazed as I sat and watched kits I purchased this year come into my home and many times I didn’t even realize I was purchasing a precut kit or a laser cut kit. I wouldn’t have purchased them had I known because I can already do this very easily. In terms of cost, I purchased a laser cut kit, thinking it was just the normal kit, and the cost was 38.00. When I found out that it was laser cut, I called the shop to find out the cost of the non-laser kit, and it was 19.99. Huge difference, so I paid someone literally $18.00 to cut part of the kit. Some parts aren’t precut, so to me, if I am going to pay $18.00, I think the whole kit should be cut. 🙂

I’ve talked before about cutting machines, but what if I could walk you thru how to do it with just normal scissors also? Yes, sirree, while it may be a bit more tedious to do, it can be done with your normal scissors also and I can show you a way that will make getting those details done quite well.

Please note: While this isn’t a video lesson, like most of my video lessons, I do not make short lessons, this lesson features 57 images in order to give you the best outcome on learning the process, but once you know it, it won’t take as long to do it… I promise you that. 🙂

This technique works whether you use scissors to cut your shapes or a cutting machine. I am going to walk you thru the steps.

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Calibre Art Mats – Have You Got One?



Today, I’m going to talk to you about a product I bought for myself back in January.

I was in the market for a new cutting mat. Mine was so worn out and the cuts so heavy that cutting fabric became impossible to do cleanly. It was time to say goodbye to my very old mat.

Normally, I would just go and buy another replacement mat, but at the time, someone in the Quilting group on Facebook, was talking about Calibre Mats. It of course peaked my curiosity. So I followed the discussion and I found them on Amazon. Lately, I’ve had horrible luck with Amazon and it not wanting to ship certain products to me, so I literally expected them to not ship this mat to me, but turns out the manufacturer was happy to ship to FPO addresses, which of course made me very happy. So I ordered the 18×24 cutting mat. I have this really old sewing machine table that folds flat, and that’s what I cut on. My table is something like 22 x 30-inches, so it’s not real big.

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Oh Holy Night Week 7 … The Camels…

Oh Holy Night - The Camels

Oh Holy Night - The Camels

Welcome to Week 7, The Camels…

Yep, believe it or not, I’m on time this week….Are ya proud of me? 🙂 hehe

I  think the camels are very fun, and so cute. Unlike most of the animals, I did two each of the sitting camels, but you really only have to do one each if you prefer or are worried about space.

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