Christmas Caroling RAL… Announcing Newest Sponsors, All The Bloggers

CCLogo-2Where has the time gone??? We are three weeks, just three weeks away from the start of this years Row Along.

I love this event, it’s my favorite one each year. Any of you who have followed this blog know the theme this year is Christmas Carols.

Each designer has taken a public domain song and created it with her own design in mind to reflect the words of the song.

I am proud and pleased to announce this year’s bloggers and designers. Many are back for the third year in a row, others for their 2nd year in a row and new designers are also featured this year.

We also have some wonderful giveaways coming your way for this year’s Row Along, again, some of these companies are here for the third time, and others are new. I will feature each day for the next week or so what they are giving away. You can always see the full list of sponsors on the side of the blog under the logo, and the giveaways and sponsors will also be listed on this page. Be sure to stop by to see what’s coming in this year’s Row Along and maybe even a hint or two of my row…

Rules and Guidelines with How To’s are located here.

All listings are in alphabetical order

Featured Bloggers and Designers


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Marry Christmas From Seams To Be Sew


7 thoughts on “Christmas Caroling RAL… Announcing Newest Sponsors, All The Bloggers

  1. I am an avid quilter, and I have a Gammil Statler astitcher, A Husqvarna Viking Quilting/ Embroidery Machine, plus I own a Brother Quattro Innovis 6400. Which also Quilts wonderfully and makes beautiful embroidery blocks that I encorporate into quilting all the time! Why wouldn’t a quilter want the best of both worlds! Plus I love to make other things like projects that are finishablebin the hoop! Makes me an all around better seamstress & quilter! Love every minute of it. I adore Anita Gooddesign and I think Ottlite is the best light to have! I love to use my small ottligjt also for painting, as it gives true day light color! I’m a well rounded craft person! So I livebut all! Would love the chance to win some of your goodies! Thanks Anita Gooddesign and Ottlite and June Taylor

  2. I do not understand this program so you get a new row pattern and then you make it and get another one Sorry for the confusion I am not a tech expert to all these tech terms will ask grandaughter

    1. No, that is not correct, this is a blogging event between 43 other bloggers who are participating. Each of us will offer a row pattern for you to download during the event itself. After the event is over, bloggers are free to put there patterns up for sale, or leave them as free downloads, it depends on the blogger. There are eleven days to this event, each Tuesday and Thursday of each week between September 5 and October 10th, you can come and visit each blog, read about their inspiration for choosing the song they did and there row, and then download the pattern from the featured blogs of the day. You can also sign up for the giveaways offered by each blog from the sponsors who generously donated prizes for this event.

  3. This looks exciting. How can I sign up for this ROW along to get notifiactions and keep up with new releases please?

    1. Well, the easiest and fastest is probably via blogluvin, which sends you an email each time I post something new on this site Eileen. Next, if you do Facebook, is the group and our page, the page will send announcements to your wall, the group will also send an announcement to your wall. Of course, google and Pinterest also… all can be found on the right side of this site under the “Feel Free To Follow On” section and at the top of the right side menu list.

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