Christmas Caroling Row Along… Giveaways by Aurifil and The Fat Quartershop

Christmas Caroling Row AlongA friend of mine wrote me today with how I am such a tease… Really!! Am I teasing you? 🙂

Well I hope so..each day, a new giveaway by the wonderful sponsors of the Christmas Caroling Row Along…

I wouldn’t want to put up all the prizes at once, I want to entice you, yes, bring you back each day just so you get to see the wonderful offerings of each sponsor.

They deserve their 15 minutes. It also helps you to remember the row along. Imagine doing all this work and then no one shows up. 🙂

With that in mind, today’s wonderful sponsors are Aurifil and The Fat Quartershop and you are not going to be disappointed.

AURIFILToday’s first sponsor is one of my favorite thread companies to use.

Who doesn’t love this wonderful thread, it glides smoothly in our machine, it rarely breaks in fact I can’t recall a time it actually ever broke on me. It winds off the spool perfectly on all of my machines, it has over 240 color choices to choose from in cotton thread of different weights and imho it’s simply the The Fat Quartershopbest thread to use on my treasured projects.

Our next wonderful sponsor is someone who when I need something online it is always my first stop to see if they have it. I’m of course talking about





From Aurifil the wonderful Merry Merry Collection

Total Value for this collection is $140.00

From The Fat Quartershop
Two different wonderful giveaways….

Clicking each picture will take you to the page the books and fat quarters are on at
The Fat Quarter Shop
The above is a give away all to one person, Total Value $197.63
During the event, they will also give away four $25.00 gift certificates
Total giveaway value is $300.00

and even sweeter, during Enter If You Dare, they will be giving away a
$75.00 gift certificate.

Tomorrow in a rare posting I will post the schedule for the Christmas Caroling Row Along. I will add it also to the page so it’s easily accessible to you from the logo on the right side for the Row Along.

On Monday, I’ll tell you a little secret with give aways from
Just Another Button Company and Hoffman Fabrics.

Marry Christmas From Seams To Be Sew

20 thoughts on “Christmas Caroling Row Along… Giveaways by Aurifil and The Fat Quartershop

  1. Thanks so much to the Fat Quarter Shop for the Gift Certificate. I used mine to buy some beautiful winter fabric which will go so well on the Christmas Caroling Rows. I was so excited to know that I won as I already know the great quality and service from FQS. This row along is such fun I can’t wait to get my rows ready for the Christmas holidays!they will make wonderful wall hangings and pillows. Thanks so much again.

  2. Thanks so much for joining in the fun of the Christmas Caroling Row Along!! And thanks for the giveaway!! 🙂

    1. The giveaways themselves don’t start until the Christmas Caroling row along starts on September 5th, and each featured day, each blogger will have a different giveaway to offer for you to enter. You have to visit each of there pages to enter the various giveaways.

  3. Wow! The sponsors really came through for this hop! Aurifl is my go-to shop, and I’ve noticed they really support quilters in events like this.

  4. I am very excited about your Christmas Caroling row along – and yes you are a tease – but I do like to be reminded that it is about to start!!! The giveaways look wonderful – I love Aurofil thread best – once you have tried it you can’t go back to anything else. I presume the giveaways are not open yet but I would like to ask if they are open to Canada? I have just seen your latest post teasing us with a tiny patch of your row! Can’t wait!

    1. Yes, any give away that’s in my home is international including Canada, but I ask everyone to pay for the shipping whether they are in the USA or not. Aurifil and FQS are international… Right now I think there are only 2 companies that are not international of all the giveaways.

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