Christmas Caroling Row Along… Giveaways by Moda Fabrics and June Tailor…


It’s super exciting to bring you each of these new giveaways each day.

I love the comments I see not only here in the comments, but on Facebook in the stb-Row Along and Events group along with the comments on my Seams To Be Sew Facebook page.

Recently I’ve had some questions on how to keep in the know about the Row Along. This blog offers several ways for you to know what’s happening. It’s main emphasis is at  Facebook, there are other options to keep track of this blog. My favorite is BlogLuvin. You get to choose whether you want a daily subscription of all your favorite blogs, or a single email each time they post. Next would be Networked Blogs, where you get a daily email also of all your subscribed blogs, but sadly they don’t show them all if you belong to many blogs. Next would be Pinterest, you get an email each time a post is added to one of the boards you follow or the account you are following. It can be annoying if you follow a lot of boards now, but they also allow desktop notifications now also, so if your a huge Pinterest fan, this is the way to go. Last would be Google, not always reliable, but you will literally get an email for each new post to people you follow or groups you belong to.

The Christmas Caroling Row Along has it’s own Pinterest board also and you can follow that here.

I’m excited to bring you today’s giveaways from sponsors during the Christmas Caroling Row Along because one is Moda Fabrics and the other is June Tailor.

both are pJune Tailorroducts I love and adore and I know you to will be very excited about what they’ve given for you to win.







Sadly, I have misplaced my camera again, (I wish everything had the ability to just “call” it so you could find it again) LOL… so I’ve taken these pictures with my cell phone camera… so much harder to do. I love having that zoom feature on my camera, and the ability to control my lighting. So here are the pictures just as they were taken.

First up today is our give away from June Tailor.I love several items from June Tailor, but I asked them for press cloths and that’s exactly what they offered to send… Six wonderful press cloths. Have you used their press cloths, if you have, you know already how wonderful they are.

June TailorThese are there 100% cotton press cloths, great for pressing when your pressing your seams to one side or even opening the seams. Using a press cloth in between the shape and the seam can even help keep the crease from showing thru.

Another great feature of these press cloths is that you can see thru them so you know what you are pressing.

I admit tho that my favorite way to use these press cloths is simply by wetting my fabric and ironing the wrinkles out. It just really seems to give you that nice crisp non-wrinkled cloth that we want when we are ready to cut our shapes out.


June Tailor Non-Stick Pressing Sheet3 Non-Stick Pressing Sheets from June Tailor.
Value $12.69 each which is a Total Value of $38.07

From Moda Fabrics, has offered a wonderful bundle of fabrics to give away.

Moda FabricsEach Bundle

Clicking each image above will take you to the pages where you can see all the fabrics in the collection. Note: On Snowberry, I couldn’t find the first fabric in the collection on those pages, but the other fabrics in this bundle are there.

Tomorrow, I will feature Aurifil and The Fat Quarter Shop.

Cya Tomorrow,

Marry Christmas From Seams To Be Sew

27 thoughts on “Christmas Caroling Row Along… Giveaways by Moda Fabrics and June Tailor…

  1. So far I have not seen a row that wasn’t absolutely beautiful! You sure know how to pick designers that know what they’re doing! Thanks for all the hard work!! Vivian wvoaks at comcast dot net

  2. Love the fabrics and the pressing cloth would be wonderful for any craft that requires ironing. Will have to check it out.

  3. These are so awesome! I am looking forward to the Row Along. I have enjoyed them each time, but this year is really special because it will be about Christmas.Thank you so much Marian for all you do. I know it is a lot of work so I appreciate you doing this for us.

    1. oh, that’s awesome Kim… be sure and pick up the non-stick sheet also which helps you with fusibles also. It has all the same great features as the 100% cotton one does except that it’s not made from cotton. 🙂 I love it for applique pressing tho.

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