Christmas Caroling Row Along Sponsors, Anita Goodesign and Ottlite…

Christmas Caroling Row AlongI have been told that quilters don’t own embroidery machines. I do not think this is true. It might be fun to see how many of you out their have an embroidery machine. Most of you know that most of my patterns come with machine embroidery designs to help you create your embroidery work on the patterns quicker than by normal hand methods.



Personally I Anita Goodesignlove Anita Goodesign’s designs and love it when they offers a giveaway for this event. They gave us some wonderful embroidery cds last year and this year, they have not disappointed either. They are a generous company who give you the opportunity to try there wonderful designs.

Ott LiteOttlite is another great company. They have given us several lamps thru various events hosted by Seams To Be Sew. They imho make the absolute best lighting for any of my needs not just sewing, but bedroom, living room, kitchen, basement. When we moved into this house last year, the one thing it lacks is overhead ceiling lights. The one thing I was short of was lamps. I had a few, but nothing like we had in Italy. I purchase Ottlites for each room as I love them and I know they last and last and last.


Last year, Anita Goodesign sent us 50 cds of the set Fancy Fans. It was nice to give all of these away, but this year, like most sponsors will do, they ask you what you would like them to send. I always find this the most difficult question to answer, as I am always grateful for whatever any company offers to give away.

After three years tho, I am finally getting better, now, I let a company know what of their products I like, and thus it is much easier because they can then decide to send that such as the June Tailor pressing sheets… or even Clover’s giveaway which I’ll tell you about later this week. Even Aurifil has let me at times choose the thread collection to give away, so it can be quite fun to decide what is best for your event.

This year I asked Anita Goodesign, to perhaps offer a giveaway of In The Hoop projects, quilt blocks or quilting designs, and they came thru in a big way.

With Anita Goodesign you do need to own an embroidery machine that allows you to add embroidery formats via a disk, flash drive, or other methods by which you get designs to your machine. I have two machines for instance that use floppy disks, and a newer machine that uses a flash drive.

This year Anita Goodesign sent the following designs and their project books were sent. 20 in all, Sixteen of the different project books with there design cds are shown below. Please note, most of these are 2014-2015 design sets. The four that are not shown are duplicate project design sets and books. All 20 will be given away during this event.

Some of these are no longer available on Anita Goodesign website, but the values range from 39.95 to 99.95.

Ottlite this year is offering a very special giveway.

Ottlite-WellnessOttlite Revive LED Desk Lamp

A brand spankin new lamp that was only introduced last Friday August 25, 2017.
The best feature about this lamp is that it reduces eye strain by 51%.
Pretty Amazing Doncha Think?
Value $79.99
Ottlite will ship the winner of this lamp only to the USA and Canada.

Speaking of June Tailor, they have added 3 of their
wonderful non-stick pressing sheets also to their giveaways.
Value $12.69 each which is a Total Value of $38.07

Tomorrow, I will feature the giveaways from the companies
Inspired LED and Purple Daisies.

Marry Christmas From Seams To Be Sew

17 thoughts on “Christmas Caroling Row Along Sponsors, Anita Goodesign and Ottlite…

  1. I know a bunch of the ladies in the guild I’m a member of have embroidery machines. I, however, dont…. (not that I wouldn’t LOVE one, but the money just isn’t there.) I actually don’t mind doing things by hand, so it’s not a big deal, either way. A lot of the quilters in my guild tend to lean towards a Featherweight machine, rather than an expensive embroidery machine. When our guild has a workshop, I see more featherweights than embroidery machines. I’ll keep wishing, and enjoy your beautiful patterns in the meantime. 🙂

  2. I am an avid quilter, and I have a Gammil Statler astitcher, A Husqvarna Viking Quilting/ Embroidery Machine, plus I own a Brother Quattro Innovis 6400. Which also Quilts wonderfully and makes beautiful embroidery blocks that I encorporate into quilting all the time! Why wouldn’t a quilter want the best of both worlds! Plus I love to make other things like projects that are finishablebin the hoop! Makes me an all around better seamstress & quilter! Love every minute of it. I adore Anita Gooddesign and I think Ottlite is the best light to have! I love to use my small ottligjt also for painting, as it gives true day light color! I’m a well rounded craft person! So I livebut all! Would love the chance to win some of your goodies! Thanks Anita Gooddesign and Ottlite and June Taylor

  3. I am a quilter and DO have an embroidery machine with my largest hoop size being 8×8. I love machine embroidery. I have made several quilts using the embroidery mode to do the quilting. I hoop the quilt sandwich then stitch out the quilting design. When one hooping is finished stitching I then hoop the next section and stitch and continue until it is finished. I can do this on a totally patchwork quilt top or make blocks in the hoop or just do an embroidery applique designs on fabric and put together in a quilt

  4. I have a wonderful embroidery machine and the proud owner of some marvelous Anita Goodman embroidery designs. Can’t wait for my belongings to be shipped from the U.S. to Cuenca, Ecuador.

  5. Darn, it ate my nice long comment! So I’ll just say, I love both of these sponsors, have had an embroidery machine, and am considering another one now. Trying to convince myself I don’t need it. LOL

  6. Several years ago I purchased a “basic” Brother embroidery machine from a friend. It was originally just to do labels for my quilts. But I’ll admit I quickly became addicted. I would love to have a new fancy machine with the extra large hoops, but for now I’ll have to be happy with anything I can do in a 5 x 7. There’s a big learning curve (at least for me) when there aren’t any lessons.

  7. although I have owned an embroidery machine for over 7 years it is still in the box because the training was so poor I am not competent to use it. is Bernina and I will never use that store again

  8. I love my embroidery machine. I have several of those CD’s and they are full of designs. Very generous of Anita Goodesign!

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