Christmas In July….

Christmas In July

Unfortunately, today I just don’t have a post, with not having the ability to go upstairs and sew I didn’t finish my project. Its all cut-out and ready to sew, but that’s as far as it got.

Yesterday was reallllllly bad day for us, while I can at least walk now, I can’t get quite make it up the stairs, but I’m so happy, I see it coming at least. But that’s not the bad news… Hail hit Colorado Springs today and our basement got flooded by a broken window that blew out. You remember that basement if you read the post here where I showed all the fabric stored downstairs. Now I remember why that investment in those bins seemed pretty darn expensive at the time, but so worth it in the end. My post is late getting posted because we spent the night starting to move everything into the garage. They can’t take and start working on getting the water out of the carpet until we move everything out of the basement… 

I do have a giveaway today, so be sure you pop inside and read the rest of the post…

X-Blocks Santa Tree Skirt

I am making the X-Blocks Santa Baby Tree Skirt pattern.  I loved this tree skirt a few months ago when we were choosing patterns to make for the X-Blocks blog hop and so got it then with the additional ruler I was going to need. I thought it would make a lovely gift for my newly married nieces and nephews.

The pattern uses X-Blocks 6 1/2 and 7 1/2 rulers

So, I’ve chosen to use batiks once again, a kind of play really, on the Santa red, I am using a batik that has little crabs stenciled on them, I thought it would be quite fun and a little ironic, but I don’t think all cut up and put into place you’ll ever know that it was a crab print.

Where the green is in the pattern I chose purple… because as you know, everything I make somewhere in it has purple… That to me is my signature…

Where the small white print is, I did actually use white which is something I rarely do. 

The red stripe is the hint of green in my tree skirt.

Now the beard is this really cool fabric I bought back in the 90’s of Santa’s beard, at the time, I loved this fabric so much I bought a whole bolt of it from the quilt shop. It is perfect for Santa’s beard and is the only fabric that isn’t a batik in the tree skirt.

The fabrics were tested and pre-washed, the red bled, so all fabrics were pre-washed and I am not a pre-washer, but I do not want that red bleeding into the white fabric down the road since this is going to be a gift.

For Santa’s eyes, I found some of those really teeny tiny baby buttons at JoAnn’s.

The backing is yet to be determined, I have two fabrics that would work, I just haven’t decided which I will finish it with first and I rarely determine that until I finish a top anyway.

I will be adding little pocket triangles tho to the corners of each of the tree skirt, and then I will add some drapery weights to each pocket. I do this also with table runners or anything I want to stay in place, the weight is just enough to keep the runners from moving so easily. I like things to stay in place. For a tree skirt, I would absolutely want the runner to stay in place under the tree and too often they scoot into the trunk area because of the presents going under the tree.

I created this pattern for today, its part of a new bunting series I am doing. There is a free pattern on the post from Saturday.

2018 Santa Bunting Pattern

This pattern is not necessarily free, but you can win it by just entering. NO NEED to comment unless you wish to do so. Just click the enter button and you’re entered.

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35 thoughts on “Christmas In July….

  1. Adorable santa tree skirt. So sorry about the flood in your house. Wish you the best in your recovery!

  2. Cute tree skirt! So sorry to hear about your hail damage, but glad that your totes kept the fabric dry. That would have been a REAL mess indeed. I hope that it won’t take long for the cleanup and repairs to be finished.

    Happy quilting,

  3. Wow, when it rains it pours! Good move having those plastic bins for your stash. Who knew they’d be such a time saver! Hope you heal quickly. Your tree skirt is looking great 🙂

  4. Thanks. I love you tree skirt. I think I’ll use it on a table. Boy I hope to win that hunting pattern 🙂 it will go with the angel. How often are you going to release them? Or are we to buy the rest? Prayers have been made for your symptom relief.

  5. My heartfelt sympathy on your basement flooding! It happened to me about 15 years ago and took forever to get the wood all dried so the new paneling could be put up! And, since I had always had a dry basement, my fabrics were stored in cardboard boxes and stacked about 5 high. You know what happens when the bottom ones get wet…..

  6. Sorry about the basement damage. Bet you were really relieved all that material was protected. Tree skirt Santa.

  7. Marian, I’m so sorry for the hail and the flooding. My goodness but you are having a rough time. I can imagine your husband bringing things up from the basement and then you trying to get them some space on the floor. What a long night! I hope that the company CAN dry the carpeting completely and your basement needs nothing more to recover. Thank goodness for those plastic bins! I also hope you are recovering soon from all this painful physical stuff! Thanks for the chance to win the pattern – Great Santa! I look forward to seeing your tree skirt finished. I bet you do, too!

  8. Oh, goodness, you are pretty upbeat for the trials and tribulations you’re experiencing! You’ll be in my prayers, that psoriasis can be so nasty. So glad your fabric survived. Can’t wait to see your x blocks.

  9. Marian, I’m so sorry for all you are having to endure at the moment, but hopefully ALL will be better soon. I’m so glad you can walk now. The tree skirt is really, really cute and I know your nieces and nephews will love it! Hang in there!

  10. With all that is happening in your world right now, the last you need to concern yourself with is patterns for us!! Stairs will be there whenever you can make it. They are just waiting for you to feel safe climbing!! Mother Nature does her thing and she can cause us so much more work as well as bless us with her beauty. I love your tree skirt pattern. It’s a winner.

  11. What a perfectly horrid day/night you are having! Life happens but I love where you are heading with your tree skirt. Cute! I have family in the Littleton area so you have me wondering if they had similar difficulties. Hope it gets better for you aoon.

  12. So , so sorry about your issues . Will keep you in my prayers as things go forward. I love the tree skirt and your fabric choice descriptions sound spot on. Looking forward to the finish. Thank you for making time in your more than busy life to get a post out.

  13. Hello Marian; I enjoyed reading your post today and did enter your give away. Your pattern is so adorable, how could I not hope to win! I have only looked around a tiny bit, but do plan on taking a good look at your blog. I love reading blogs and commenting! LOL. Thank you for sharing all of your information on your Christmas Tree Skirt. I am a prewasher of fabrics and always use the Shout Color Catchers now. Have a fantastic day!

  14. Hi Marian,
    I am so sorry to hear about your basement window, but how wonderful that your fabric was in totes. I am sure there is plenty of things that are not salvageable and I hope it’s not too difficult to clean up. Goodness, it sounds like that is the very last thing you need with your health issues. I hope you continue to improve and will soon be able to get back into your sewing room. Happy Tuesday! ~smile~ Roseanne

  15. You’re’ off to a wonderful start on your skirt gift. I’m so sorry about the basement issue. What a mess! Who needs such a tedious cleanup, right!? Yes, thank goodness your fabric is safe and sound. Isn’t that always a quilter’s first concern?

  16. thank goodness for your fabrics being in bins. i do hope all will be well soon. thanks for the adorable santa. cant wait to see your tree skirt. it sounds like it will be wonderful in the colors you described. take care of yourself

  17. What an adorable tree skirt! The pattern looks hard though. I hope you will post a picture of yours when it is finished. So sorry to hear of your troubles. Hope better days are ahead.

  18. Your tree quilt will be beautiful, I’m sure. So sorry for all the hassles you’ve had lately. I hope things smooth out soon for you! Thanks for joining in the hop and showing up in spite of all you’ve been dealing with.

  19. I am so sorry about your water and basement problems. Water is so invasive. Thankfully you did have the bins – that was a win, win situation. You are so creative and I thank you for your sharing. Love the tree skirt and the idea about using drapery weights – perfect.

  20. I had no idea the X Blocks rulers could do such a cute tree skirt.
    And, I do hope your leg gets better soon! Sorry to hear about the hail storm and the trouble it has caused you.

  21. OH! I do love the tree skirt, Marian. The Santas look like tree ornaments. It really is beautiful.
    Sorry to hear about the flooding. You have enough to deal with your health issues so please take care of yourself.

  22. Sorry about your window mess. I can relate as I live in south Florida and since we have hurricanes I keep everything in plastic totes as well. Cute little Santa project, thanks for the newsletter. Happy healing sent your way!

  23. I totally adore the tree skirt. Flooded basements are a terrible disaster. Call the experts so you don’t have mold. I’m sending good thoughts your way.

  24. My daughter lives in Colorado Springs also. She let me know there was a tornado warning 8 miles from them! We live in Nebraska so that isn’t rare but I was surprised about the warning there. I am glad you “only” had the window in the basement blown out and the water damage but so sorry that happened.

  25. Horrible that you have to deal with all the water damage. Glad your foresight kept the fabric safe.
    And still you managed to create for Xmas. Thank you

  26. Sorry to hear about the flooding. You are dealing with enough already, but glad to know your fabric is safe. I’ll be thinking about you as you deal with another challenge. Hugs Marian

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