Club EQ for September 2013

Club EQ 2013-09-mpena-clubeqI am tickled pink with how my Halloween 2013 turned out. This was my project for September 2013.

What a fun project this turned out to be. It started out with just the ghosts, and expanded and expanded until I just couldn’t seem to stop.

The trick or treat block was done entirely using the eclipse tool and then edited in the drawing board.

Artwork Sources:

Public Domain Clipart was used for the Haunted House, the Trick or Treat block and the caramel apple – Potion bottle, Mummy, Frankenstein and Dracula faces, Pumpkin, Frog,
Primsy Doodles – Witch on Broom, Witch with Cauldron,
Graphics Factory –  All of the ghosts, the black cat, goblin, Skeleton in coffin, candy 1 and candy 2
Cheryl Seslar – Frankenstein and Dracula, Happy Halloween Lettering
Jamie Kay –  Ghostly lollipop

Any other blocks used were from Electric Quilt itself.

In all there are 39 drawn blocks in this quilt. The haunted house took over a day to draw.

See ya soon,



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  1. AvatarConnie says:

    This really looks like a neat Halloween quilt and oh my gosh all the detail! I have to get back to doing the Club EQ

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