Club EQ June 2013

2013-06 SeaLife This months Club EQ quilt challenge was Landscape Quilts. Talk about a swirling of ideas. I could have created hundreds of quilts literally, the ideas were so heavily flowing in my mind. It was pretty much anything goes, pieced or appliqued. I finally settled on creating the Sealife quilt you see here. I would have probably done a second quilt, but this one pretty much took up all of my time for the month and I barely got this in on time. Why? Simply because everything in this quilt was drawn or traced by me.

This quilt features over 50 drawn objects. The mermaid alone took over a day to trace. There were objects drawn for this quilt that I couldn’t even fit into it, and at the same time, because I hope to redraw this quilt at some point hopefully featuring a bit more land so I can add some palm trees, or perhaps a lighthouse. I am hoping to create part of the borders with a sky.

I am considering making this a block of the week or block of the month type feature for my blog in 2014. I love how the quilt turned out and I definitely intend to make it.

The artists who’s artwork was used in this quilt were:

Digiweb –
Digiscrap –
Country Graphics –
Digi My World –
Whimsy Primsy –
Diddybag –

This was so far my favorite month that I have participated in. You can see all the entries for the month here.

See ya Soon,


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