Club EQ November 2013 – Broken Log

2014-10 stbs-broken-log-2It’s that time once again when I share with you my Club EQ project for November. Novembers EQ Club project was to take any block in EQ and “break” it or edit it, add something to it, change it.. From the entries for the month so far, it looks like some people had alot of fun. I know I did. For me, the Log Cabin is probably my most favorite of all time quilt designs. I love the versatility of creating layouts with the Log Cabin. Even when you take the most basic of layouts and really play with the colors, you can get a really interesting effect. I’m going to show you what I mean with a past project that I’ll share with you below.

First, I’ll explain my blocks for the month tho. In Image 1 (far left) it is the first block I broke.. well added diagonal lines to actually. I added to many lines, and while I liked the first layout (Image 2) I did with it, trying other layouts just wasn’t working well for me, so I changed the block. Image 3 is Block 2 where I reduced the amount of diagonal lines I did and thus you can see the various layouts that worked far better in this layout. I actually really like the diamond like effect that you get from looking at the whole layout. You can’t see it so much in the smaller thumbnails, but because of the diagonal lines added it gives an extra dimensional effect to the whole layout.

Other Layouts I Tried

My first Club EQ project was also a log cabin project. So I’ve managed to create two very different log cabin variants in the same year.

Below are some of my other real projects from my past.

This one is slightly embarrassing, but it was also what made me fall in love with quilting. It is the only quilt I ever hand quilted myself. Unfortunately, if you can’t do it by machine, I’d never get any quilts done is my philosophy.

This quilts only continously used fabrics are the 2 greens in the star part of the Log Cabin, everything else is scraps, and I wasn’t particular about cotton back then, this quilt has polyester, silk, satins, cottons, poly-cotton, denim, challis, rayon, flannel… It has it all. The reason that I have so many different fabric types is because I made my own clothes, so cotton was not something I had alot of. I can still remember the winces on the ladies of the guild when I brought this in to show at the quilt show they did each year, but I look at quilt shows and entering them as a learning experience. At the same time, while it really and truly is not the best quilt I’ve ever made, the point of a show is to enjoy other peoples creativity, not to wince at a badly made quilt. For me tho, the judges remarks while harsh, were the best learning experience I could ever have had. So the end result is that my quilts got better, my quilting got better and I became a better quilter.

stbs-past projects-02

While this wasn’t my next project, it is another Log Cabin I made once I became better at quilting. This log cabin has the distinction of being the first quilt I ever sold. When I make quilts, I always make a matching wallhanging, and they also bought the wallhanging as well. I was tickled pink and so honored that someone loved this quilt enough to buy it.

stbs-past projects-01

My next log cabin project was this little gem… I truly didn’t like how this quilt turned out. I have never been a fan of white as a background fabric in quilts. I just like dark fabrics to much to give white a chance to shine. This log cabin was given to my cousin-in-law, because when he saw it, he just was totally amazed by it. How could I not give it to someone who liked it the moment they saw it. The black fabric in this quilt was a Hoffman Challenge fabric for that year.

stbs-past projects-03

This next project was a wallhanging. My first “miniature” project. It was a class I took on the watercolor effect. I love this wallhanging and how it turned out. I have probably since made about 50 of them and after the last one I vowed I’d never make another. They were a very popular sale item at craft shows I did. I sold each of these wall hangings for $300.00.

This one in particular, I gave to my sister. It featured several different Hoffmans, and various watercolor type fabrics.

stbs-past projects-11

The last project I will show you is probably my most favorite of all the log cabins I’ve created.

It was created with novelty fabrics, which at the time were just starting to show up in the quilt shops.

The other distinction about this quilt is that the only fabric not repeated is the black fabric. This quilt represents my fabric stash literally at the time I made it, because like I said.. I didn’t repeat a single fabric except for the black fabric.

Unfortunately, I do not know what happened to this quilt. I gave it as collateral to our landlord at the time to pay my rent with, once I paid the rent off, he never returned the quilt to me. We lived to far away for me to do anything about it and I can only hope that someone else is enjoying this treasure.

This was also the last quilt I ever finished. We moved to San Diego, and lived in an apartment that was far to small for me to  even setup a sewing machine in, so everything was stored in a bedroom there. It wasn’t until this year 2013 that I just decided that I really wanted to be quilting again.

This quilt was entered in the last quilt show that the Belle Grove Plantion Quilters Guild ever had. One of the judges told me it was considered for a honorable mention. While it didn’t win the award, I was pretty honored that it even got that far in the judging.

stbs-past projects-08

This is a closeup of the same quilt. You can see the novelty fabrics used much better.

stbs-past projects-09

I hope you have enjoyed seeing some of my past flops and some of my past prides.


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