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Island Batik Coastal Blog HopThe journey to participate in this blog hop has been interesting to say the least… It’s been months since I was first asked by Tammy from Tamarini’s to participate in this event. I was to have my project ready for Fall Market in Houston and because I was in Italy the box took forever to arrive with the fabrics… It was sent via priority mail express, but still for some reason took 3 1/2 weeks to arrive which almost never happens with priority mail when going to US military bases.. It takes 2 weeks for normal priority mail, and 1 week for priority mail express. The only reason it would take longer is if for some reason customs might decide to hold on to it.

I really love the fabrics that Island Batik provided for this event. They are a new line that came out last Fall 2016 called Coastal Mist.

During the time that Tammy had asked me, my husband had also been offered the job here in Colorado, so all of a sudden, while waiting for the package to arrive and arranging for movers, and getting things ready to go, I was frantic about whether the package would ever arrive. I had everything ready, my pattern, the cutting files, the embroidery files and all I needed was the fabric to arrive. The package finally arrived a week before the movers were to arrive. I had to back out of doing the project for market, but Tammy said it would be ok to participate in the blog hop, so here I am today with my project. I managed to finish the project just in time for the movers to pack everything up. I had it in a pile of things that were to come with us on the plane, but unfortunately, the movers packed that pile.

Many of you who follow me know the rest of the story, it took our stuff over 2 1/2 months to arrive from Italy and arrive here in my home. I went all that time with just 3 pairs of pants, and 5 tops, with 2 sweaters and no winter coat… All because of the pile that the movers were not suppose to pack. I was so tired of wearing the same old clothes all the time I was actually happy to see boxes fully of all our household goods. I was lucky that my sister had a winter coat that I kept at her house for when I visited the states, thus I picked it up to wear at Thanksgiving.

So, my project comes from artwork I found last year that I fell in love with. I wrote the artist asking for permission to create quilt patterns with it and she kindly granted me permission, so this is my project:


Artwork for this pattern is from LeCoq Design
from her Zodiac Astrology Collection The above is Aquarius from that series

When making this pattern, I decided to try a fusible applique technique with some fusing called Appli-Stick or Quilters Select from Floriani and Alex at The Quilt Show.

Appli-StickThis turns out to be a pretty nice fusing agent.

One side has a “hairy” like feel to it, the other is a glossy paper side.

The hairy side is fusible, as is the glossy once you remove that paper.

I never found out if it creates a permanent bond, but it does create a temporary re-poisitonable bond which is pretty darn cool.

You draw your shapes on the hairy side of the paper (at least that’s what I did and gathered from the instruction that it’s correct), cut it out, then apply it to your fabric.

You can score also with any sharp object,
just be sure you don’t press so hard you cut your fabric.

I didn’t want to cut all my shapes out first only to have to cut them out again, so I just chose a section with all the shapes for one fabric. (I always separate my shapes to go with there assigned fabrics first)

Get your fabric ready, and “score” the glossy paper side.

I was able to do this with my fingernail, what I had a hard time with was using the edge of the paper to get it to come off, never did get it to come off until I scored inside the shape and then it all came off easily.

Once you have it scored and torn some away, it’s very easy to get the rest of it off the fabric just by lifting it off.

Make sure you fabric is flat

Then take your shape you cut and press (not with an iron, but just with your hand) over the paper to get it nice and smooth. You will not need an iron until much later.

Once your all done adding the fusing to your fabrics, you can then cut your shapes out,

put them onto your placement guide, and start to get everything in place.

If you need to move the shape, it’s easy still to lift if off the fabric

then into a place where you want it

What’s cool about this stuff is that if you have leftover on scraps, you can lift the fusible right off and either trash it, or put it in your fusible scraps bin then reuse it.

I did a test of repositioning and it was still going strong at 4 re-positions.

I will offer this pattern for sale later in February.

Tammy and Island Batik are offering a super giveaway. You can find the entry on Tammy’s blog here.

There are some amazing projects in the rest of this hop, please stop in and visit each blog and just even say Hiya!!

The Coastal Mist Blog Hop Schedule

1/24/17    Jessica Stewart     Izzy & Ivy Designs
1/25/17    Susan Emory    Swirly Girl Designs
1/26/17    Connie Campbell    Freemotion by the River
1/27/17    Katie Laughridge    Live Originally
1/28/17    Julie Stocker    Pink Doxies
1/29/17    Linda Pearl    One Quilting Circle
1/30/17    Laura Conowitch    LC’s Cottage
1/31/17    Cheryl Schenck    Unspooled
2/1/17    Marian Pena    Seams to Be Sew
2/2/17    Vanessa Fromm    Fabric Confetti
2/3/17    Ebony Love    Love Bug Studio
2/4/17    Erin Sampson    Aurifil

Cya Soon!!


13 thoughts on “Coastal Mist Blog Hop Comes Here Today!!

  1. Nice project! I’ve seen the Appli-stick at the quilt shows but haven’t tried. Guess I’ll give it a try.

  2. This is gorgeous! You have really intrigued me with this Appli-Stick. Sounds like a winner for us fusible junkies!

  3. That is gorgeous! You have intrigued me with the Appli-Stick. I’m going to have to find some to try. Sounds like a winner for us fusible junkies!

    1. Thank you Rachell, I’d love the whole collection of this artwork so I’m excited to see what happens with the other 11 images to create the pattern from.

  4. I really like your piece! Those batiks were wonderful for this project. I’m so sorry that it couldn’t be in Houston. It would have gotten a lot of comments! Thank you so much for the detailed explanation of this great fusible. I can see I’m going to have to get some.

    1. Yea I was sorry about that to, I would have enjoyed knowing I’d gotten to Houston.. even if it was in the form of a project.. Wouldn’t it be great if quilts could talk, oooh the stories they could tell.. Watch for it on sale, it is a tad on the expensive side, most Floriani stabilizers are.. I got mine Free when I signed up for the Quilt Show membership last year otherwise I would never have known it existed.

  5. Thank you for sharing the new-to-me fusible product, Appli-Stick or Quilters Select from Floriani. I shall have to put that on my list of things to try. I especially like that it is easily repositionable!

    Cute pattern!

    1. Yea, that’s what I liked about it too, and with all the curves in the shapes of this pattern it really helped that it was repositionable as I did a lot of that trying to get the shapes to fall in place. So that’s what I’ll use it for in the future.

    1. Heya Connie, so great to see you.. It’s the last project I finished last year and had I gotten my sewing machine up in time in my sewing room I might even have finished the quilting, but I didn’t want to quilt it with the new machine as I’m unsure of the machine still and to me I need to be sure of working with the machine before I attempt to quilt it.. My Bernie is still sitting by the closet waiting for me to re-dig it out and put it on a table to sew on actually.

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