Color It Red…. Day 04 is here at Seams To Be Sew Today…

2020 Color It RedWhen I join a blog hop I like it to do something that challenges me. That hasn’t always been how it’s worked out, but for the most part I like to do things I haven’t done before or try new techniques that interest me.

For as long as I can remember I have had a love for Sashiko. Back in the ’90s at a quilt show, I saw this absolutely gorgeous quilt that I just fell in love with. While I’m not a blue person, her quilt was dark blue and used a white thread. I’d never seen it before, they’d placed it in the embroidery category, but to me, it was a whole cloth quilt thus I had no knowledge back then of what Sashiko was. Suffice it to say I bought every Sashiko book I could get my hands on at the time. I have loved the beautiful work in Sashiko ever since.

Sashiko is very much like a hand quilting stitches with the exception that the stitches are traditionally a little larger than hand quilting stitches are. Sashiko is a series of lines or curves that are supposed to run in a continuous fashion.

My project today contains Sashiko if you haven’t guessed yet. I didn’t go crazy and make a full quilt, I am not quite up to that as yet with my feet, but I’m getting better at least.

stbs Color It Red BH 3133 I did nothing here as far as traditional Sashiko goes, but the patterns I used are considered Sashiko.

What can I say also, if I have to choose between black and white I’m going to choose black every single time. I just love working with black over white colors. So I made a handbag.

The black fabric is from SSI and is actually a 108-inch wide backing fabric. I’ve also used 50 wt Aurifil cotton thread entirely in this bag.

I lined the bag with a red fabric from Alexander Henry which appears to be a holiday print but it went so nicely with the sashiko in the print on the red fabric that I chose to use it.

stbs Color It Red BH 3135I had some extra blocks so I also created pockets for the bag. I love pockets in my handbags, I won’t even buy a new handbag if it doesn’t contain pockets. I’m the same way about pants, if they have no pockets, I’m not so likely to make them or buy them.

This is an old pattern I’ve used since the early 90s. I don’t even have the pattern itself anymore I think it was ruined in the baement flooding two years ago, but I’ve made the bag so many times it’s a pattern I actually have memorized.

I’ve never made it quite like this one tho, I split up the sections into 5×5 blocks. I wish I’d thought to separate the blocks by a piece of sashing, but I still like it the way it is also.

The following is the other side of the bag

stbs Color It Red BH 3134

I started doing the blocks on my Bernina, but I realized pretty quickly that wasn’t going to work if I wanted to try some curved block designs also, so off I went in search of Sashiko for machine embroidery and I found a lot of them at Designs By JuJu. I had to create 22 blocks to make the bag so I thought I would show you how I did that on my embroidery machine because I took a different route than I’d normally do when stitching blocks.

I did not repeat any patterns, all 22 blocks are different sashiko designs.

I like to machine embroider with a metal hoop. Since I mainly use my embroidery machine to do quilting a metal frame is easier to use than a traditional hoop is for an embroidery machine. I used my 5×7 metal hoop for this project. I did not precut my blocks or my fleece. Normally when you embroider you hoop to fit the project, in this case, I applied the same principle, but I hooped the 108-inch wide fabric instead… I’ll show you below.

stbs Color It Red BH 3117I hooped the fleece and the fabric, and rolled the difference and secured them with a pin. On the right side is the excess length of the fabric strip and the left side is blocks that are already done. You could use this method in a traditional hoop also if you don’t have a metal hoop.

stbs Color It Red BH 3115How it looks in the machine from the front,

stbs Color It Red BH 3116the back of the machine has the rest of the strip and fleece rolled up.

stbs Color It Red BH 3121This is how the design looks on my machine. As you can see the design is centered in the hoop, but I moved the design to near the bottom of the hoop allowing me to have more room to add blocks on the strip, by doing this I saved not only fabric but fleece as well.

stbs Color It Red BH 3123If you look at the design now it is as close as I felt I could go on the hoop and not have it touch the hoop or the magnets holding everything down.

stbs Color It Red BH 3129Because the SSI fabric was so wide I had to put pieces of fleece together. I do that with a glue stick. Each side gets a little bit of glue stick between the fabric and the fleece side that touches the back side of the fabric.

stbs Color It Red BH 3131This allows the fleece to stay in place while I move it into its new hoop position.

This is a great way to do a series of blocks at a time and it’s much quicker than using a traditional hoop for your embroidery machine.

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Thank you, Carol, for a fun hop, I’ve enjoyed it immensely.

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35 thoughts on “Color It Red…. Day 04 is here at Seams To Be Sew Today…

  1. Oh my goodness, Marian! This is the most intricately beautiful bag I’ve seen yet! The red thread in such a beautiful sampler of quilting designs is what really makes it!

    I have never heard of Sashiko, so thanks for the introduction.

    By the way, your blog is adorable! I love the purple and the font!

  2. First things first. I love your Sashiko bag and its additional pockets. I have that set of designs from JuJu and have used them but never as efficiently as you have. Such great set up ideas you have shared. Thank you. I have a question regarding your metal hoop. I have a BabyLock and my metal hoop has a top and bottom. Did your Bernina hoop come with those great magnets or did you find them elsewhere and improvise? And finally, thank you so much for the pattern.

  3. Your bag is so pretty, I love Sashiko fabric! Thank you so much for the pretty Mardi Gras mask block! I live a one hours drive from New Orleans, Mardi Gras madness here is truly a thing!

  4. I really like your Sashiko bag Marian. I’ve never thought about doing it by machine and as I’m not much of a hand quilter, I’ve never tried it.
    Thank you for the lovely pattern you’re sharing with us today.

  5. Great idea to do Sashiko in the red not only for the hop but also it made up so nicely into the bag. I have a magnetic hoop but just haven’t used it. I loved all your tips and it may spur me into doing more with that hoop.

  6. Your Sashiko bag is beautiful. I tried Sashiko once by hand and gave up because I couldn’t keep my lines even.

    I also need to have pockets on everything. I actually made myself an apron with lots of pockets that I wear almost all the time.

    Thank you for the pattern. You are always so generous with your patterns.

  7. Love the bag Marian I’ve always wanted to learn how to make one, and thanks for the Mardi Gras Mask, your colours are gorgeous and my favourite.

  8. What a great looking bag! I really enjoyed seeing how you made it. It’s a great fashion statement, and usable, too. Thanks so much for the Mardi Gras mask.

  9. The bag is wonderful, Marian, the combination of embroidery patterns make it all look so unique. Thanks for sharing, and for the lovely Mardi Grad mask. Keep getting better!

  10. What a beautiful bag! The Sashiko embroidery is stunning! I love pockets in my purses, too, and this bag looks nice and roomy. Thank you for sharing how you achieved such a unique project. Doubtful that I will ever be that accomplished on my embroidery machine. Great job!

  11. Your purse is extraordinary. Thank you for sharing how you made it. Thanks too for the lovely mug rug pattern. You are always so generous with your followers.

  12. Beautiful bag!! I love how the Sashiko reminds me of the fills used in quilting. I have never tried quilting with my embroidery machine…something I’ll have to think about. I have done hand Sashiko…honestly it is the only handwork I don’t mind doing!!

  13. WOW…22 blocks that’s a nice and big bag then. Perfect for all the “stuff” we have to lug around! LOL!! Love your sashiko and Designs by JuJu really has some fun designs.
    Thanks for the adorable Mardi Gras gift. Coffee in style for this holiday now.

    1. Marian the bag is stunning. I loved seeing the embroidery process on your machine. I’ve been tempted to try Sashiko but haven’t yet. I think it might be time to get out some books and give it a try.

  14. I love the look of Sashiko and you really did a nice job on this bag. Very cute! Someday I’ll have to give that a try. Thanks for sharing your stitching tips and for hopping with us!

  15. Marian, I love this bag you have made with the shashiko stitching. I didn’t realize either that it could be accomplished by machine. I’ve done some by hand, but your process on the embroidery machine is like magic. Maybe I’ll get brave enough to do this someday. Thanks for the sweet Mardi Gras gift.

  16. Wow, your bag is awesome! I appreciate your going through the steps of the process–very interesting. I haven’t done any Sashiko yet but I admire it. Thanks for sharing!

  17. Love your Sashiko bag. I’ve never tried Sashiko but one day I will! Thank you too, from this Mardi Gras resident! We’re on the MS Gulf Coast and celebrations have been ongoing for weeks!

  18. Marian, your Sashiko bag is gorgeous! I didn’t realize there was such a thing as machine Sashiko; I thought it was only done by hand. It’s something I’ve wanted to try for a long time (the hand variety), and hopefully will get to one day!

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