Coming In February… Nuts About ??? Blog Hop

stbs-Nuts AboutIt’s hard to believe that I’m sitting here in December announcing a blog hop that is to come in February, but yep, here I am announcing a new blog hop to come in February.

Sometimes as bloggers, we have to plan our posts ahead of time. One of the best features in a blogging script is the ability to schedule your posts. I have several posts scheduled at this moment even, tutorials I’ve planned out for over the next few months for example… As a blogger, because we have to plan out posts, someone who hostesses an event has to think like a retailer and announce things far ahead of time to give people a chance to signup, and create something fun to participate with.

So, here I am announcing the first blog hop in 2016. Nuts About ?? This hop, let you decide who, or what you are nuts about. You can choose to make it about Valentines Day and say, “Heya Honey, I am totally crazy, honestly … nutty over you” … or you can admit to be nuts yourself, perhaps you are nuts over nuts even.. It’s your choice…

Make anything you like, use any fabric you like, this doesn’t have to be a quilt, or something you quilted, but, it must include some type of sewing, whether you embroidered, cross stitched, or anything else you can classify it in the sewing category with. It could even be a paper card that you stitched something on. It just needs to be stitched in some way. I’ve seen people stitch on Toilet Paper even, so the possibilities are endless.

This blog hop starts February 4, 2016.

Signups will be taken until January 11, 2016, with the schedule out on January 16, 2016.

You do not need to run your own blog to enter, Your participation can be hosted and I will help guide you thru writing your post for your day.

If your interested in joining, please send an email to:, include your name, your blog name, your url, and if you need a certain schedule in the blog hop dates. I like knowing this, you might think it’s a bit more work for me, but I’d rather schedule you where you want to be versus where I want you to be. (Schedules are done on a first come, first given basis.. some dates are more popular, so you may want to give me a second option if you choose the first or last day of the hop).

You must be willing to add the logo to your own blogs if you run a blog. Use the text box below the logo on the right side, or save the image and link to this site on your own blog.

Logos must be added within 48 hours of joining the blog hop.

If you end up not being able to show on your featured day, please write me, I’ll either work something out with you or cancel your featured day. This is important because I don’t want to visit then find out you were a no show. If you are a no show without a notification to me, you may not be able to enter future blog hops. We all have times when we need to be late, or can’t show, but if you can work it a different day, we can reschedule you also.

It’s not a requirement, but we do have a Facebook group for those who wish to talk about future blog hops, and events on this blog at Seams To Be Sew. You should be a fellow blogger yourself, or wish to participate in a blog hop as a featured participant to join. The only discussion going on is about future events.

Marry Christmas From Seams To Be Sew

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