Coming In September 2016 – The Road Home Row Along

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Can you believe it? It’s been a year since I approached designers to participate in the EQ Seasons Row Along.

It was held in September 2015 with 21 designers who created row and filler patterns for everyone to download, create and enjoy. EQ Seasons was the first event I held on my blog, and now I’ve already done five of them, with the sixth approaching this friday.

It’s an exciting time at Seams To Be Sew, so many wonderful things going on, and still to come for 2016.

With Amy at Sew Incredibly Crazy, who I have partnered with for this Row Along, we have come up with the theme for this years Row Along and have given it the name of

The Road Home Row Along

We are looking for you to create a pattern that depicts places on the way to your home, This doesn’t have to be your current home. We all have a place we call home. As an example, I was raised in Idaho Falls, Idaho. I consider it home.  I loved living there, I’d move back in a heartbeat, and while I do visit, I’ll probably never get to live there again… For me, I’ll probably draw a row depicting the Snake River and the falls running thru the heart of the city, that’s Idaho Falls to me, it’s home.

This is a first come first choice Row Along, once you name your “home”, no one else will be able to claim it, so if you take the city of New York City for instance, no one but you will be creating something from New York City.

If you should choose a place that’s already been chosen (like Texas for instance is a very broad request, we’ll ask the person who has Texas if she is doing your area of Texas).

We are looking for bloggers/pattern designers from all over the world, this isn’t limited to just the USA.

You do not need to know how to use Electric Quilt for this event, feel free to design and create your pattern in the way you normally do.

We will take signups thru April 22, 2016.

This Row Along is expected to start September 6, you will be expected to offer a pdf pattern of your row for free from your featured day until at least one week past the Row Along.

Rows this year will be a fixed height of 12 1/2-inches. You may vary your row at a minimum width of 24 1/2-inches to 40 1/2-inches. Vertical rows are also ok, as long as they aren’t more than 12 1/2-inches wide, and 24-40 1/2-inches tall.

Creating a row, is really no different than creating a table runner.

We will not be doing filler rows this year, participants will fill in their own blocks, so they can truly make the quilt their own.

Your row, can be created in any technique of your choice, pieced, paper pieced, applique, embroidery, do what you feel most comfortable with.

You will be expected to stitch out your row for your featured day.

Your pattern needs to be designed by June 01, 2016, and sent to Marian of Seams To Be Sew, or Amy Warner of Sew Incredibly Crazy. We ask you to send your pattern as we are hopeful some bloggers will wish to create a quilt out of some of the rows, and they will need the patterns as far in advance as possible.

If you wish to participate, but can’t create a pdf pattern, send me a scan of your drawings, your pj7 file, or your quilt pro file and I will create your pattern for you, but you need to have everything written out or typed up, and all images zipped, so it’s easy for me to put the pattern together easily.

Once you join us, their is a Facebook group you can join where we’ll do a lot of chatting in about this Row Along, show examples, and talk about the various subjects that have to do with this Row Along.

The PInterest wall for this Row Along is located here. I’m not sure we’ll be doing a Flickr group this year, but their is plenty of time to worry about it.

If your a participant, you can join us in the EQ Seasons group from last year. We aren’t able to change the name of the group, so just know that it is the correct group.

The following are the logos for The Road Home Row Along. Help us advertise it on your blog, use the one you like best. I love the tall one for instance, but I know I just don’t have the room for it on my side navigation area, so I’ll use it whenever possible in posts.

You can link to Seams To Be Sew, or link to Sew Incredibly Crazy.

I am just not having any luck with the text boxes, I can’t get them to work and have given up. They work if pasted from a text file, so I am providing a text file instead for you. Download it here.

To signup, please write us here.

Already taken are: 

Idaho Falls, Idaho
Las Vegas, Nevada,
Edinburgh, UK
West Michigan Shoreline
Dodge City, Kansas
Adelaide South Australia
Amanzimtoti, South Africa
North Georgia Mountains
Gresham, Oregon
Washington state (Grand Coulee)
Northern rivers region, NSW, Australia
Los Angeles/Hollywood
Alberta, Canada
York, Maine
New Milford, Connecticut
Manitoulin Island, Canada
Washington State (Port Angeles)
Central New Mexico
Harrisville, MI (Sunrise Coast)
Heber City/SLC, Utah
Tallahassee, Florida
Mohave Desert, CA
Worcester County in Central Massachusetts
Road to Tehachapi (CA)
Burlington Vermont
Silicon Valley, CA
New Hampshire
Tasmania, Australia
Northern Maine
The Netherlands, Barneveld 
Toronto, Ontario
Bonus Row – Outer Space
North Carolina
Corner Brook, Nfld, Canada
San Francisco, CA
Baltimore, MD

When a duplicate “US State, Country, or Province” is requested, we will ask the person with the first choice if  they are covering that area in that row. It’s understood that some areas are to large to cover all in one row, so we will make an attempt to grant your first request.

I hope you’ll be joining us,

Cya In September,


10 thoughts on “Coming In September 2016 – The Road Home Row Along

  1. Looking so forward to your Road Home Blog Hop. I’m not quite confident enough to join in with a row, maybe next year, but by the list already there will be some awesome rows created!

  2. Sounds exciting! I wish I weren’t so swamped with things. I’d love to do the Sonoran Desert. I just can’t commit to any more right now, darn it! I know you will have plenty of people signing up to do a row, though!

    1. dang, I wish I could talk you into it, but that’s just not my style… Just from doing this last year, I know this isn’t a commitment anyone should make lightly, so I totally get it… I love ya just the same… Hugs,

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