Coming Soon… 12 Days of … and Newest Releases…

stbs-12 Days Logo 2017I have so much to say today, I’m not sure where to start… it was a busy weekend… Frank was finally home long enough that we managed to get all the rest of the giveaways from the Row Along and Enter If U Dare all squared away… The labels are made and the postman will pick them up today. I’m sorry some of you have had to wait, he’s had some really long hours of late and it’s not going to stop anytime soon, we just lucked out that one of the engineers couldn’t work this past weekend. With my hand the way it has been, I couldn’t do it myself either. I will be at the doctor tomorrow, so hopefully, I will have some good news on removing this cast. I’ve still got a wedding gift to finish for next month and I am worried I am not going to get it finished.

Next month, starting December 01, 2017 is the start of 12 Days of Christmas. If you’ve been with me for the last four years that I have done this, you’ll remember it’s a fun time of the year. I give away a pattern a day for the 12 weekdays of December. (no weekends) Two years ago, Janeen at Quiltart and I started doing this as a together event. She also has done a 12 Days of Christmas event on her blog for at least the last four years and it could even be longer than that. Janeen and I did our patterns as a combined project last year, you may remember

Full View with Train 10

this pattern where Janeen and I collaborated. She did the paper piecing part of the pattern, and I did the applique. If you are interested in seeing the patterns, they are in my Craftsy shop at page 6 and 7 when you use the “Newest” as a sort option. There are too many for me to link to so I’m just going to let you know where they are in that respect.

A few weeks ago, Barb sent Janeen and I pictures of her almost completed quilt from last year… I’d like to show it to you today. She’s done an amazing job on this, and the quilting is absolutely wonderful. Have a look…

I love the quilting she has done, each section is different and fascinating. Didn’t the quilt turn out amazingly cute?

Janeen and I are still doing this event together this year, but we are different doing projects. She’s going one direction and I went the other, so our patterns are totally different from each other.

Maybe the pictures will tell you a bit more about our themes… and maybe they won’t… Watch for these logos on our sites… That’s Janeen and I bringing this event to you again this year.

I also will be giving away a few leftover giveaways, that didn’t get given away during the row along, or went unclaimed. Yep, it really does happen, so you’ll want to stop in to enter those giveaways also.

Today at Craftsy, I released the following….

Clicking the images will take you to the pattern pages.

stbs-2017 Halloween Block Stencils-AllAll of the continuous line designs in this set…
for machine embroidery only
in sizes 4×4, 5×5, 6×6, 7×7, 8×8, 9×9, and a split 12×12 file
for Pfaff and Viking hoops
Limited Edition Artwork by Clipartopolis.

Individual and a Growing Set… The price is set currently as what it will always be as a price, but there are 7 more Emoji to still be added to it. As I finish them, they will be added to the set, and also sold individually. If you buy the current set of 6, you’ll receive a notification when the others are added as they are added, and they will be free to you.
These come in various sizes, but all the patterns have a 9-inch block in them.

Artwork From Graphic Stock used to create the patterns

A very fun Thanksgiving pattern which you can literally piece in a day. At least my tester did anyway, I was totally shocked when she sent the picture back the next day. She has the next set now and hopefully, I can release that early next week.

She’s going to make hers into placemats and table runners and I thought how perfect that is for these pieced patterns because the sizing is perfect for those types of projects.

Thanksgiving 10 Freebie

Artwork by Zip-A-Dee-Do-Dah Designs

and last, I’m releasing a set of 3 Continuous line designs over the course of each week in November.

These are offered in both machine embroidery ITH designs, and Hand Quilting and Free Motion designs.

in sizes 4×4, 5×5, 6×6, 7×7, 8×8, 9×9, and a split 12×12 file

SVG files are provided also in the hand quilting set for those of you who like to print your layouts on your cutting machine.

They are sold as a set of three, and will not be sold individually.

However, a full set will be created at the cost of $15.00 When you buy them this week, you’ll get all 12 designs in the set for this price, once I release the next set, They will be released at 9.00 for per set of 3 designs. That’s a HUGE savings of $21.00 if you buy them this week. Once the next set is released, this set becomes part of the full set and will go up in price, having bought it already, your cost will remain the same and you get the new ones free.

As I release these, they will be added to the above set, If you buy the current set of 3, you’ll receive a notification when the others are added as they are added, and you get them free because you’ve already paid for the set.

I’ve also added some free samples from these sets in case you’d like to test them out first.
Machine Embroidery Freebie / Hand Quilting  FMQ freebie

Limited Edition Artwork by Clipartopolis.

TTNBC will be released later this week, I had to send the final draft to the tester to do a retest we should have all the kinks in these next two patterns ironed out with this test. There is a lot of embroidery in these next two blocks, and I want to be sure it’s right before it’s released.

I will update the Row By Row Free Patterns page also on Wednesday of this week.

I have tutorials planned for this month also, some cool things you can do to make your Christmas projects pop… The button tutorial I had planned for the row along will also be done this month. I do think the doctor will give me some more latitude with my wrist tomorrow, as it is so much better now and while I still can’t bend my hand fully, I am hopeful that will come to be fixed soon.

I did say I had a lot of news…. right 🙂

That’s it for today!!

Cya Soon


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  1. Thank you for the free preview-had to have the whole collection! Now to learn to be patient waiting for the rest!

  2. Barbs quilt is gorgeous. I remember the Christmas quilt from last year. it was so fun. I look forward to this year. You ladies never disappoint.

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