Coming Soon – 2 Blog Hops running Concurrently .. WOOOO

Don’t Let The Door Stop You She Who SewsIt’s gonna be a busy time for all involved. Being in one blog hop alone can make you slightly crazy and I still have no idea how Madam Samm and her cheerleaders always pull it off so well. They are simply amazing. The next Blog Hops I am participating and yep, I’m in both running concurrently, and thank you’s to the leaders and cheerleaders who didn’t put me both on the same day!!! I can tell you, I was plenty worried with the She Who Sews Hop, because my fabric had not arrived when I thought it would in December, but it has arrived now (January 2 actually) and my projects are officially done and ready.  I do believe this is actually the first time I’ve had both projects done well ahead of time, but then it was pretty easy as I knew what I was going to do the moment I saw the guidelines for each hop.

If you’d like to see the schedules for each hop, they are always available here, but if you’d like to view them individually, you can find them on their respective pages. She Who Sews and Don’t Let the Door Stop You.

I have bolded the days in which I am adding my post, but in case you want to know right up front, I’ll show up on February 6, for She Who Sews and for Don’t Let the Door Stop You, my day is January 30, 2014.

Be sure you stop in to see all the great folks who’ve made something special for these hops, I will have give-aways both days as well.


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