Creating Layouts In EQ8 With Photos

My first EQ8 tutorial since it came out and it’s longer than even I’d anticipated it was going to be. I really edited out a lot of stuff to get it to an hours length, so I do apologize that it’s lengthy, but you all know I try to give as much info as possible. I’m not one who makes tons of 2 minute videos so you can watch 50 different pages of videos on the same thing or in parts, I like to get it all in the same video, so my video lessons always tend to run long.

This lesson features Creating Custom Layouts in EQ using photos. What I did was download the pictures from the posts of the designers who participated in the row along. I then used those photos to create a layout with sashing. This video lesson takes you thru the entire process from creating the layout, to editing photos, adding photos to EQ, placing the rows, placing sashing, coloring, printing and adds bits and tips along the way. I am not as proficient in EQ8 as I am with EQ7, so there are a few burps, but tried to fix those in the editing of the video by adding text notes to the video.

The fun part of working with blocks/rows of different sizes is you get to play with your layout in a way you don’t get with the traditional block quilt with blocks all of the same size. Even if you had purchased kits, and created the same patterns as your quilting friends, every one of us would lay them out differently in a way that speaks to us personally and that’s what makes a quilt your own. Laying a quilt of this type is fun and makes you feel creative. For those of us who say we don’t have a creative bone in our bodies, laying a quilt out of any type always gives us that feeling that we created something special… and ya know what… we did.

There are many ways to layout quilts, most I think use a pen and paper, or they use a design wall. Before EQ, I used a design wall to do it, but it can be tiresome to stand on your feet for a few hours and move all those pieces around till you get just what you like and then trying to figure out those sashing sizes so they are precise is another small little nightmare and it is very easy to have cutting mistakes. With EQ, this just is not as easy to have happen because not only do you get perfect cutting sizes, you can do all of this in a much easier way and quicker. You can also check your work to be sure those sizes are correct. This is just one of many many reasons I love Electric Quilt.

The image above shows the first quilt layout I made with photos, this one below shows the one you see in the video below.

These were all rows featured during the Once Upon A Story Row Along.

And now the video

Designers Who Were Featured Are:

Just Let Me Quilt
Elizabeth Coughlin Designs
Bobbin In Quilts
Tuning My Heart Quilts
Linda B Creative
From My Carolina Home
Duck Creek Mountain Quilting
Renee’s Quilting Addiction
Miss P Designs USA
Patchwork Breeze
Pumpkin Patch BC
Clever Chameleon
Charlie’s Daughter
Barbara Dieges

Please know that choosing rows was done on a random basis, I would have loved to showcase everyone, but there just wasn’t enough room to do so.

I created two videos for this lesson, the other is a much quicker version of the lesson, but it doesn’t use photos, it uses blocks and I didn’t go over everything like I did in the above lesson. If you want just the nitty gritty… you may want to watch that video also. I’ll post it in a few days.

Our Featured Designers today for Show and Tell

Just Let Me Quilt
Words & Stitches
Duck Creek Mountain Quilting
Ursula Prandtstetter at Tuning My Heart Quilts
Elizabeth Coughlin Designs
Linda B Creative
Charlie’s Daughter at Bobbin In Quilts
Seams To Be Sew – Creating Layouts Tutorial

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15 thoughts on “Creating Layouts In EQ8 With Photos

  1. Thanks for all you do for those of us out in the Ethernet who follow your blog, joined in on the hop and had so much fun with this. When I get EQ to work on I know where I’m coming for great videos and tutorials!

  2. Hi Marian, you are so talented. Thank you for showing ways to use the quilt patterns and EQ8. Now I must upgrade. I enjoy all the patterns you create and the blogs you introduce that I never would have found without you. Again Thank you. Deborah

  3. Thank you very much for the video, Marian. I recently purchased EQ8, so this will definitely benefit me.
    What an awesome block hop, thank you for organizing this event for us all.

  4. Thank you so much for the video! I’ve had EQ 7 for several years and have never been able to figure out how to do anything with it! I might be able to do something with it after watching your video. But I do have a question. You didn’t figure in your seam allowances for either your blocks or your sashings. Won’t that make a difference in your total width and length? By not adding the seam allowances aren’t you going to come up short on both your width and length for your quilt? I know that sounds ignorant of me. But as I said, I’ve never used my EQ7 to do anything because I’ve never been able to get it to do anything. Again, Thank you so much for the video help!

    1. Hi Shelly,

      That’s the beauty of EQ, when you print out templates or rotary cutter templates, there’s a line in the window that asks you if you want to include seam allowances. By default it is checked to include the s/a, so while I did think I mentioned it near the end of the video when I was showing how to work with it without printing I am fairly sure that I mentioned that the only way to get the s/a included was by printing the templates. The only time I don’t print a s/a is when I’m on the motif tab with applique shapes.


  5. THanks for the videos and all the information! I have played with EQ7 some, but EQ8 looks like it will be more fun!

  6. Marian, Thanks so much for the wonderful Blog hop! You designers are amazing. It’s fun seeing how the rows were finished.

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