Daydreams of Quilts, Clover Needlecrafts & Ackfeld Wire Welcome To The Christmas Caroling RAL

Christmas Caroling Row AlongSo today, I’m doing my morning blog run, gee, if I were an exercise person that could easily read “jogging” run… but my morning exercise is usually to visit my favorite blogs and see whats going on in the world.

When I went to Facebook, I saw a post on my wall about The Quilt Haus in New Braunfels, Texas. They are accepting, quilts, fabrics, old blocks, tops, UFO’s, any supplies, help or whatever we as quiters can offer to create quilts and pet quilts for those affected by Hurricane Harvey. There is actually a huge need for batting. I have batting, I’m going to send some. Since I started using wool batts, I’ve changed my favorite of cotton to wool and I doubt I’m going to change anytime soon, so the cotton batts I do have are just sitting on the shelf at the top of my closet with nothing to do. I know now they were waiting for me to offer them to be used for this purpose. They have partcipated in many relief efforts in various emergencies over the last 14 years. I encourage you to please help, send something your not using, even UFOs you aren’t going to get back to… they will do something with it.. Just think, many of them could be pet beds or comforters if they aren’t large like quilt tops usually are. You can read more about it here on there Facebook page. Even if your not on Facebook, you should be able to see the page and the post.

To ship your items, no need to even contact them, just go ahead and ship

Quilt Haus
ATTN: HarveyHelp
651 N Business IH-35
Ste 510
New Braunfels, TX 78130
Phone: (830) 620-1382

What I liked about this post is that while they do need money donations (mainly for batting), they actually encourage you to send it to the various charities such as Red Cross, or the Houston Food Bank, etc so that the immediate needs can also be filled.

Now, lets get to today’s sponsors for the Christmas Caroling Row Along… Ackfeld Wire, Daydreams of Quilts, and Clover Needlecrafts.

Ackfeld wireAre there any of you that doesn’t own an Ackfeld Wire hanger? I know for me, I love these hangers and their is so much variety to choose from. Most are reasonably priced and can be used over and over again to fit our changing needs when we change out our wallhangings, desk quilts, calendars, etc… This is why I approached them and asked for some hangers for the Row Along. Even if you don’t make a quilt with all your rows, you can use the hangers for various rows to just hang on your door, or walls, or shorten a row up and use a desk/table hanger.

Anita LaHayAnita LaHay from Daydreams of Quilts is one of the bloggers in the Christmas Caroling Row Along and she has a special treat coming for you also.

CloverSome of my favorite notions come from the company Clover Needlecrafts. I’ve used their notions for as along as I can remember. My favorite is probably their seam ripper. I believe without a doubt it is the best on the market. Clover allowed me to choose which notions they are giving in this give away and I chose all my favorites. 🙂 Have a look inside this post… and see what my favorite Clover Notions are… 🙂

Anita at Daydreams of Quilts has written an ebook that she is about to launch on her blog on September 15, 2017.

A Year Of Pixel Heart Quilts CoverThis looks just like my type of piecing.
When I piece, I love the type of blocks that give me an object.
I would definitely buy this book.
Value $24.95 CAD

From Clover Needlecrafts

My Three Most Favorite Notions….

As some of you know, I love the Fabric Folding pen, so much so that I wrote a tutorial about it which is featured here on my blog.

Since discovering Wonder Clips, I use them for more than just holding the binding in place while I am binding a quilted project.  They are really great when you need your fabric to stay in place on your mat, you can use Wonder Clips to clamp your fabric to the mat, then do your cutting of your shapes. It’s wonderful to keep the fabric in place while you cut with your rotary cutter.

and Clover’s Seam Ripper, my all time favorite tool While I do prefer the brown handled seam ripper, I can’t imagine that the white one is all that different. The difference to me is the appearance, the brown handle is thinner and easier for me to handle, the white is a fatter handle and I just prefer the thinner, but the seam rippers would be the same and work the same. Clover’s seam ripper holds it’s sharpness to easily cut threads for years, the only reason I’ve ever replace one is simply because I’ve misplaced one. I keep one by each of my sewing machines in the little pocket holder that I use to hold scissors, bobbins, feet, picks, my seam ripper and any other necessary notions that I like to keep handy when sewing. No one I like know likes to rip anything out, but when I have used this seam ripper over the others, I get the job done much quicker. The only other seam ripper I admit to liking is Bernina’s seam ripper that comes with the machine when you buy a new one. It is so small tho, it is easy to lose and hard to keep track of.

Total Value for Clover Needlecrafts $34.40

Ackfeld Wire has sent me 4 different hangers for you to try.

I love each of these, the single stand is a huge favorite, but my favorite hanger is the split bottom, as I love making my wall hangers split instead of one long piece.

Total Value $77.35

Tomorrow’s post is the last of the sponsors. Calibre Art and Northcott Fabrics.

Cya Tomorrow

Marry Christmas From Seams To Be Sew

10 thoughts on “Daydreams of Quilts, Clover Needlecrafts & Ackfeld Wire Welcome To The Christmas Caroling RAL

  1. All the giveaways seem great! So many great items from so many wonderful sponsors!! Thanks so much for the chance to win!! Vivian wvoaks at comcast dot net.

  2. More wonderful goodness! The Clover seam ripper is my favorite, too. It fits in the hand so nicely. I have one Ackman hanger for a wool pumpkin hanging, and I do love it. I should probably do the last of the stitching on the hanging! The heart quilt book looks like fun! Thanks to these sponsors for responding to your request, and thanks to you for all the work you’re doing!

  3. The fabric folding pen is awesome. When I saw the demo I thought do I REALLY need that? Answer was yes. I use it all the time.

  4. Very nice. I love the Clover clips and I do need a new seam ripper! I also went to Quilt Haus, thank you for the information on donating UFO’s, lord knows I have a few and they can be put to a good cause.:)

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