Dust Off An Old Book Today….

Dust off a quilt book blogMy sincerest apologies, my post is late this morning. I went to bed last night and totally forgot to write my post. So this is a very quick post on the project I made for this hop.. Bea at Beaquilter  is the hostess of this hop and such a great idea. Over the last few months I can honestly say I’ve been thru most of my old books… and by that I mean throwing them out. Sadly, the majority of my books were ruined in the flooding of our basement last June and July when we had those hail storms. I have only a few books that were not downstairs and those are the books that I purchased while living overseas.

Over the years tho, I’ve mainly switched to buying ebooks.. I like this much better as those books are right on my pc and easy to just get to when I need a book. The books I used for this hop ended up being books I purchased online while we were living in Italy.

I rarely purchase a book these days that isn’t a technique or actual projects book. If it’s paper piece patterns, applique or continuous line design, it is also a good chance you’ll find it in my home. I don’t buy to many outright actual big quilt books anymore as it’s just to easy to put what I like together in Electric Quilt, so it has to be a technique I know nothing about for me to buy a book these days.

I used these two books today for my project…

I love making potholders, but I especially love taking a pattern from a book, and digitizing it so I can stitch it on my embroidery machine. Both of my projects today were taken from this book, digitized and stitched entirely on my embroidery machine.

February PotholderThis potholder was in the book A Year of Potholders by Annie’s Quilting. This potholder is my favorite type of potholder as I find them quick and easy to make and I do not have to bind these… 🙂 Just slip a lining inside, and use your sewing machine to stitch the lining closed. No one’s ever going to see that slip stitch from your sewing machine. I am sure I’ve mentioned how much I dislike sewing by hand before. 🙂

From Pot Holders, Pinchers & MoreThis potholder pattern came from the book Pot Holders, Pinchers & More. With it, I added quilting to give to the apple, I also used a batik fabric that has apple prints on it. The leaves and stem are dimensional. The leaves were attached on my sewing machine.

DSCN2981The tie for this potholder was placed on purpose behind the apple stem. When it hangs, you won’t see the tie, but you will see just the stem, apple and leaves.

Both of these books each cost under 10.00 and well worth the cost. They have many wonderful patterns in them. Each book has different potholders in them, but the Pot Holders, Pinchers & More has many different types of pot holders including lid grabbers also. Of the two it’s probably my favorite, but I like the other for the holiday like patterns it gives for each month of the year.

Please take a few momens and visit each blog today as they show you what they’ve made from there old books.

Bea at Beaquilter | Barbara at Bejweledquilts | Laura at slice of pi quilts
Marian at seams to be sew | Brenda at songbirddesigns
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.
I have had internet now steady for the last three days, so I am a happy camper.

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12 thoughts on “Dust Off An Old Book Today….

  1. I’ve got one of those books and love making pot holders from it. Do I use them…Oh heck no, I don’t want them to get dirty! LOL!!

  2. Very cute pot holder and mitt, Marian! I buy more e-books now than regular quilt books. As you say, it’s just too easy to “cook” up what I want in EQ!!

  3. Your potholders are so amazing! I really like the apple with the Batik apple fabric! Too cute! I like both the books as well. Sorry to hear about alot of your books getting flooded. Sometimes water is so damaging. Your embroidery is awesome! Enjoy your weekend! 🙂 🙂 angielovesgary2 atgmail dotcom

  4. your pot holders are wonderful. i made one recently for my daughter in law that has a minion paper pieced for the front. so cute. thank you for sharing today.

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