Electric Quilt and Sulky Intl Are the Featured Giveaways for the Row Along … Today.

My Happy Place RAL 2018Did you know that the reason I opened this blog when I did was because I had joined an EQ blog hop? Yep, I had originally planned back in 2013 for a summer opening, but when I joined that bloghop, I had barely been working in EQ and had to quickly learn something about it so I could post on my day of the blog hop… That was 5 years ago.

Today, I love EQ just as much as the day I started learning it. I’ve been an EQ owner since sometime back in the 90’s.. I just never took the time to properly learn how to use it. Six years ago, we had just moved to a new home in Italy and I decided then and there I was going to get back into quilting. One of the first things I did was upgrade EQ from version 6 to version 7, and now as of last October, version 8 is out. New users of the software are loving the new interface which they updated with that version and are finding it easier to use. I am proud to be able to offer a full version of EQ as a giveaway at this year’s row along.

I am also a Sulky lover. I’ve used Sulky threads since the early 80’s and I love them today as much as I did back then. My first sewing with metallic thread was on Sulky thread and I still own the jacket I made with it back then today. It no longer fits, but it’s one of the things I have made that I am proud of.

From Sulky Intl

Sulky Intl Bundle
Sulky’s Bundle of goodies

This is a very fun bundle of threads, a book and stabilizer. I would love to have this for myself if I’m honest.
Total Value $63.92
Shipping Paid By Winner

The following is what is in the bundle

From Electric Quilt

Electric Quilt
Electric Quilt

Shipping Via Download with a promo code from EQ
This is the only giveaway that will run for the entire course of the event.
You will have many chances to win and will want to visit each site on the giveaway list so you get as many chances to win this software.
EQ has given us a giveaway every year of this event and I am very appreciative.
Value $239.95

The Giveaway starts on September 4, 2018 and ends October 7, 2018
Once the giveaway ends, EQ will run a special of 20% off any EQ products for one week after the giveaway ends. The promo code will be announced when the winner is announced.

I do apologize for the lateness in my post this evening.. Wednesday nights are difficult because of course I have to watch America’s Got Talent and Masterchef. 🙂 so I got a little sidetracked tonight while watching and writing this post. 🙂

I will be back tomorrow with BlocLoc Rulers and Moda Fabrics. Have a great evening.

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9 thoughts on “Electric Quilt and Sulky Intl Are the Featured Giveaways for the Row Along … Today.

  1. Well, I’ve been sidetracked, too, so I’m just now reading this and thinking what wonderful additions these make to the prize trunk! Thanks to you, Sulky and EQ.

  2. Good morning Marian, It was a nice but brief visit with you this morning. I hope you have inspired me to learn to use my EQ7. It just sits and waits for a break in the action.
    Have a great dat

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